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1/17/2012 That we end poverty and all people are equal economically.

for all beings to live and fulfill all of their dreams within their lifetime and not have barriers building them from their achievement.

That Dr. King's dream is realized by all and that one day all people can remember the past but embrace the future together - Brian, New Zealand...

For Everybody to Be treated the same Phoenix

A world free to believe that all people regardless of color are worthy of mutual respect and the right to pursue their dreams.

People will be seen as who they are on the inside. No more pretty on the outside but cruel on the inside. People will be seen for who they are on the inside, whether it's caring, exquisite and...

For our society to put a stronger emphasis on education and values that help All human being to flourish, together.

to have a society free of stereotypes and racial intolerance. I want my campus and community to be places where people don't feel marginalized but accepted...

A dream for justice and equality makes the world a better place!


I wish my mom would stop hating me so much. I wish she wouldn't try to change me and my choice of friends as much and trying to turn me into something I am not. I don't want to be seen as...

My dream is for the USA (my country) to unite as one. To look beyond race and creed, to better understand and accept our differences. Let the world see how great we are now and in the future

My dream is for all races and nationalities to come together in peace. Also my dream is for everyone to have a chance at higher education no matter their status.

To help others with little kids in black or white whether they are pour or celebrities, singers Glenneice

My dream is that everyone has a home and they have money to buy food. I also want everybody to be treated equally and stop being bullied for their religion or their color.

That one day we can become one as a nation and that skin color is no longer a problem.

for fairness and justice to dominate and prevail in all countries across the world.

my dream; i don't just have one dream, i have many dreams. So many dreams for what people could do in this world. when I think of everyone and everything in this universe, i feel insignificant...

That all people are view from within as oppose to without. [Kelton]

for everyone to grow up equal with the same opportunities Stop the hatred!