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Dreams: Equality

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I want to make the world a safer place. I want to be the first professional women hockey player in the NHL. I want to win a nobel peace prize. I want the world to be a better place. I want to end gun...

To help others with little kids in black or white whether they are pour or celebrities, singers Glenneice

For healthcare and higher education to be available to everyone whether they can afford it or not.

That we all come together and love each other. All nations under one GOD!

Justice, Freedom, Equality & Liberty for all mankind

I dream for A BETTER world thann it is now and have alot of freedom and rightousness for everybody. We shoulda all be free to make ALL our decisions in life. Also we should have a counrtry that is...

to have everyone's personal liberties recognized and respected. Max...

Fredrick- My dream is to elimate all rascism and conflict between one another

to realize in my lifetime acceptance of human beings regardless of their race, ethnicity, class or sexual orientation that we might unite to combat injustice everywhere.

"I have a Dream that one dayall living creatures are treated as equals and we humans become responsible for all natural resources in this beautiful planet we call home" I HAVE A DREAM. *...

still the same as King's: that everyone would treat people genuinely as equal, that everyone would not judge but show love...

for everyone to come together and stop bullies.

that one day I may be able to help make a difference in this country in this struggle towards true equality.

I have a dream to make life better for individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities. We share the world with all people... lets make it a better place to live

For all children to be educated and pursue professions of their choice.

That all people are united in unity. Regardless of difference we find common ground to accept our differences.... I dream of unity.

For all people in the WORLD to live in PEACE.

One of my dreams is to provide every one in America, wheter a newcoming immigrant, trying to make a new life, at least 4 acres of land, a home, suitable for a human being, which will be they're...

My dream is to have WORLD PEACE!!

For all of the children to have an education that is equal!