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Dreams: Equality

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that one day all people will be equal all over the world and have the right to be Free without war.

To have equality among ALL races

My dream is that one day the world will truly be an equal and wonderful place for all people…my children will not have to fear being mistreated because of their race Charlene 30022

As Americans, that we all have the same opportunities, and that we live as one.

My dream is for the Continuation and futher development of Equality. MLK Jr has paved the way for us. He is appreciated greatly.

Our class dream is ....try to end gun violence, be kinder to Mother Earth, end bullying, promote equality in education, respect everyone, and put others' needs in front of our own.

I have a dream of respect, social justice, and equality for all people from all nations...

To live in appreciation of everyone's individuality and differences. One World!

my dream; i don't just have one dream, i have many dreams. So many dreams for what people could do in this world...

My dream is that there will be an end to poverty and everyone will have good housing and excellent educational opportunities.

My dream is that everyone has a home and they have money to buy food. I also want everybody to be treated equally and stop being bullied for their religion or their color.

My dream is that one day we will truly unite as one people. Not judged by own race, religion or gender. We have improved but we still have a way to go.

Physical and mental peace for all.

for everyone to come together and stop bullies.

My Dream is to own a restaurant to provide delicious meals to people suffering with diabetes and high blood pressure...

For every child to have access to the high quality education that we all deserve.

For all children to be educated and pursue professions of their choice.

I have a dream that everyone would understand the price of freedom so that it never needs to be paid again.

to have everyone's personal liberties recognized and respected. Max

See the day when people aren't held back because of economic reasons from education and success.