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Dreams: Equality

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For every child to have access to the high quality education that we all deserve.

My dream is to become a successful artist so that I may have a voice to speak about issues that we still face today...freedom from racial divide, equality (civil and equal rights) and to share music t...

that blacks and whites will LOVE other equally! Evelyn

to serve the most high in all that I do with the whole of my being so I become his spirit manifest; to incite all who I encounter to peace; and to uplift teach and inspire through art… M.M.

to live in a world free of free, violence or the selfish endeavors of political parties and countries

the dream of equality and sucess. As a lawyer in the making I want to be able to fight for the rights of equality Taija

My dream is that everyone has a home and they have money to buy food. I also want everybody to be treated equally and stop being bullied for their religion or their color.

For the world to reach an understanding of culture and religion, so that everyone around on lives in harmony and understanding -Megan

you and me we are one, the same personn. Tomorrow everybody will think like that. For a new world. Forid

That people come to the realization that we are all the sames

My dream has been, and still is, that all men everywhere will realize that all men are equal.

for all beings to live and fulfill all of their dreams within their lifetime and not have barriers building them from their achievement.

My dream is to establish a scholarship fund to help young people who want to teach.


To leave an inheritance for my Children's children. To see more of the world, experience different cultures, and share in the commonality of mankind.

For healthcare and higher education to be available to everyone whether they can afford it or not.

I have a dream that all, humans, animals and every being on earth are treated equally and with respect!

My dream is that one day we will be able to witness equal education opportunity for all children - all children starting the education race with the same exact educational tools - and then, to witness...

One day that everyone can be treated equal. Also have a peaceful mind and place [Monique]

I have a dream that all people are treated equal and no fighting and bullying Tony