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Dreams: Equality

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To see real equality at work for all, and for wars to be replaced with dialogue, dance and love.

To assist the world to reduce significantly 1. Poverty 2. Prejudice 3. Greed 4. Ignorance, and 5. Abuse [Ken]

My dream is that people would be treated equally.

I have a dream that girls in rural Amhara in particular and throughout Ethiopia will be able to go to school, will become bilingual in Amharic and English languages, will become literate in Amharic an...

I want to see people back to work - with pride in themselves and the ability to take care of their families.

To see Dr. King's vision for peace and equality continue to be shared with generations to come.

We will be one nation joined in the link of freedom, and a model to world of true peace and happiness…….no explosions.

One day that everyone can be treated equal. Also have a peaceful mind and place [Monique]

I hope some day all Americans have an equal opportunity to participate in our democracy together and achieve their dreams.

To live in a world where people of all ethnic background can appreciate our differences and love one another. To not have to look over my back, but look forward to peace

to be truely happy, and to be able to see a world where we as a unit practice what we preach and we teach our children to love wholey with judgements and that the only RACE is human!

that all men and women can live together in peace and love

I have a dream that one day Black Farmer can get a level playing field at the market "place", The lending Institutions and me able to participate in up scale food markets

My dream is for 100% equality

That the men and woman in Congress will grow up, treat each other and the President with respect, and learn to play in the same sand box together.

to see every neighborhood in and around metropolitan Atlanta, consist of houses to contain families of every ethnic and racial group side by side...

Total equaties among everyone in the USA. Peace worldwide love evryone

Priscila Media Productions My dream is to carry on the dream of all of the foot soldiers. To do the work of civil rights movement and Dr. King

I want to to change the world so there won't be any rasism left.

My dream is to establish a scholarship fund to help young people who want to teach.