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Dreams: Equality

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To live a world where there is peace; A world where justice is served "correctly" regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion...

My dream has been, and still is, that all men everywhere will realize that all men are equal.

My dream is that acceptance and tolerance will open to love and harmony. [Robin]

To bring a change in my community and why not my country as a whole. I am a medical Lab Technician, when I become a haematologist, I will open a Centre to manage anemia and blood related problems.

See the day when people aren't held back because of economic reasons from education and success.

That peace and equalness will spread throughout the world [Jamaal]

My dream is that equality will be realized for all persons regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation....that differences will be seen as contributions to the betterment of all...

To live with No racism and everyone has equal rights and live with hope. [Josiah]

Hugh Dream, what is a dreeam?....A dream is an aspiration or involuntary vision indulged into...

I have a dream that I will live to see Full Equality of All Races. Where we can truly can see and tangibly touch MLK's Dream of our children will experience True Freedom! We Can Do It! [Crystal]

I have a dream that all the cites have swimming pools.

My dream is about me. My F

for world Peace, & All people treated EQUAL!!!

that one day I may treat complete strangers as I would treat my family or friends.

My dream is for all of the children in the world to have access to an education...


My dream is to teach disabled children and help them to make their dreams come true.

African Liberation and Prosperity

Equality for all and specifically in the U.S.A. it includes economic, gender, race and religion and respectfulness to others and the nature we live in. Mihir

That my grandson's and their family will never have to experience or face racism