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That the society becomes a whole lot better than what it is now through no bulling and harrasment towards others of different ethnicities, races, and religious groups. :)! -Tatiyanna

Peace, happiness for all mankind end poverty and homelessness economic stability better improved equality public education.

Hope, faith, and love

For Black People to come together in Respect and Love.

My dream is to make my parents happy and do something to stop animal cruelty

My dreams for 2013 are: 1. All my families would be in goo health; 2. I could be successful in my major; 3. I could find my interests; 4. All my friends could be happy for whole year; 5. A travel to...

i had a drem that people will never go to war with weapons but words

I dream of a world where the love of God is the impetus for everything we do. Where each individual projects the I into the Thou, seeing and loving his/her fellow mankind as themself.

Is to live in a world free of war and racism. Full of peace and togetherness and love.

I have a dream that everyone will love eachother for who and what they are, and that noone will be judjed for who they are. Another thing is that people around us can help end world hunger. The last...

Is to have trust, faith, understand within the great world of ours. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten soul. Ms.

the human race will love with grace and mercy.

to continue to see + witness all the good work - kindness + understanding shown to one another.

My daughter grows up to be happy, healthy and giving to others.

My dream is to help those that cannot help themselves: For innocent babies not to be harmed or killed by the people that are supposed to love them the most... For children not to be the target of...

My dream is that one day, all humans will be treated with equality and love as God would want us to treat each other. I hope that people, whether it's on a local or global level, can receive the...


that I can dare to really dream

to live a life of peace, love, and happiness.

For my family to love each other again. For this I pray in Jesus name Amen.