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Dreams: Love

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To encourage all Americans to embrace truth and integrity while they disconnect from racism and half truths.

To continue to be love in action by helping my fellow man with public affairs and health education/outreach.

I have a dream , that one day we take to heart the words of Dr...

My dream is that soon each child will be healthily fed, properly clothed, housed in a loving and peaceful home, and made/kept safe from harm by the communities in which they live. 9.23.11 [Illegible]

We as people will recognize and remember that we are all human and fall short of perfection. That we learn to accept each other as we are and love abundantly.

Alive. My dream is alive today as people of the world father to lift their voices, songs, dreams, and melodies to honor the legacy of MLK! Today, my dream is Alive.

that all children are loved and have food, water, a safe home, and good education.

My dream is to spread peace to others, and in return, have them spread peace and love to others as well...

My dream is to see hate diminished in my lifetime.

my dream is to go to collage and have a good job as a docter or lawryer

I have a dream that all people should be treated the same . and tha i want to be a proprofesinal soccer and football and basketball player . may God bless you amen.

To live in a world where people of all ethnic background can appreciate our differences and love one another. To not have to look over my back, but look forward to peace

I have a dream that one day people will not be afraid of the difference they see in others who are not like them, but will embrace it as an adventure and an exciting opportunity to learn something new...

My dream is to one day to live on this earth/in this country where there is genuine love for one another. That there is peace in the land. That there is no more hatred...

That the society becomes a whole lot better than what it is now through no bulling and harrasment towards others of different ethnicities, races, and religious groups. :)! -Tatiyanna

My dream is to become a successful songwriter and have people draw hope and peace and understanding from my songs...

I have a dream that I can be a window of God's love. All can be truly free.

I have a dream that one day everything will just work out. That one morning I'll wake up and I wont hate Mondays and mornings...

My Dream ia to have love & peace around the world.

Have everyone be able to love and share unconditionally and unselfishly