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My children will live in a truly global world - fully of peace and collaboration.

To Live in a community where Americans truly love and respect one another, especially the black community. To live where women loved themselves and don't need validation from anyone to feel...

is to use my talents and energy to spread hope and confidence in all the lives I touch. I especially want the young people I see every day to live inspiring lives of contribution, purpose, and...

My dream is to exceed myself & family in knowing that people have sacrificed their lives for our better way of life, and accept nothing but the VERY BEST in getting there.

My dream is everyone to have food, water, shelter, clothes and love.

My dream is to make a difference in someone's life through the work that I will do in my future career after graduating college. I want to change someone's life for the better...

Live in a community of people who love, not hate- who help, not hinder who work with each other to help achieve the beloved community.

My dream is to work towards a peaceful world through understanding, forgiveness, and compassion.

that all sentient beings will come to know and show true love and compassion for one another as we are all one family

My Dream is to alway be in Good Health, and to Love one another and love God.

My dream is to see hate diminished in my lifetime.

IMMEASURABLE love, Joy, compassion and equanimity for all living beings

My dream is to win gold in the Olympics in Women's Gymnastics...

That each person has a place in the world that can bring them peace in their heart.

Peace for everyone I love. Get into 2 college in America. Stay in touch with my friends who are not with me at the moment. Get married to someone I love and stay in love with him for my whole life...

to not just be on a team is to own a team. So everyone can live in a peaceful and loving world. -Tafari K.

that minds and hearts will remain open to everything involving love and equality, Peace & Love -Christine

To live in love and share that love with everyone I come in contact with.

that all dogs have homes

Love, peace and Happiness for all.