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That my children will no longer have to struggle to get ahead in the world

To discover & develope my God given talents, to love & embrace those less fortunate to pray & to be thankful always, and to be a light that touches the lives of those around me.

For all mankind to live with peace and love within their heart.

For the world to dream like Dr. King and love like Jesus Christ.

Peace for everyone I love. Get into 2 college in America. Stay in touch with my friends who are not with me at the moment. Get married to someone I love and stay in love with him for my whole life...

To see tolerance prevails the whole world and people respect and treat each other equally, irrespective of their race, religion, or color. [Mohamed]

My dream is to have the best job, life ,and family . When i grow-up .

that I can dare to really dream

that one day we will all love and respect each other regardless of race or ethnicity. Let's become "One" People. "One Love"...

for my child and family to live in a world free of war, free from disease, free from poverty and fee from hate. A world full of prayer and Love and people who spread those HAPPY FEELINGS!

Carlisnu I love Martin LutheR KingJr.

My dream is to discover where I belong in the world. I want to go to college, get a job, meet the right person, start a family, and have a happy life. I want to fall in love and travel to as many...

For equality of the sexes in this country but especially abroad and respect for ourselves but most importantly for each other.

To be great in every challenge I set for myself and always do what I love.

My dream is to achieve all of my life goals without discrimination, money, and other people holding me back

To have world peace among mankind. Only should exist & no hatred. We are all God's children. :)...

That someday, I will be walking down the aisle, partner in hand…looking out to the crownd and knowing my family was truly happy for me.

Dr. King, my dream is to watch your dream unfold, take shape, and help me reach my dreams as a black American woman. I thank you for your bravory a FMSight. I will be sure to carry on the dream.

Robin for all people to be as one in sync with The Great Creator God Bless America and The World--Peace & Love

My dream for our world is to have peace because there will be no more fighting. Elise