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That I find God, Love & the strength to continue alleviating injustice in the world to ensure safety * protection for all refugees *vulnerable person, without prejudice to any Beauty that God has...

I dream of peace, love and tolerance for all people, race and class

To be great in every challenge I set for myself and always do what I love.

For everyone who is sick and dying to be loved.

My dream is for everyone to be happy for everything they have in life. And then people use the talents they have to help the less fortunate around them instead of being selfish.

Peace and happiness for all people before this life is over.

I heard Mrs. King speak about gun violence and was inspired by her words "until the last gun is silent". I have a dream that one day my poetry and even my life will be of greatness to...

I have a dream that people will accept each other, and no person in the world will feel like they're not important, not beautiful, not good enough...

I dream of a peaceful world where everyone is loved and happy.

i dream about having a good house, a great car, travel a lot, meet lots of people and having kids.

the world will be as one no war no government peace , love and freedom

I whan avereyone to love Gob.


that one day we will all love and respect each other regardless of race or ethnicity. Let's become "One" People. "One Love"...

To raise my two sons to be healthy, happy, successful, quality men so that when they are adults they make sound decisions and live their lives emulating the values with which they were raised.

My dream is to find the love of my life

True EQUALITY for all. DISCRIMINATION to be a thing of the past.

To be a positive force in my community. To see others spread the love of God and empower each other. A nation that focuses on advancement and achievement

to see my generation's hearts and minds transformed by the power of God's love and grace. that they may impact and positively pressure their peers. and impact their communities and this...

I have a dream that one day everything will just work out. That one morning I'll wake up and I wont hate Mondays and mornings. And on that day maybe, for once, I'll eat my breakfast and the...