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Dreams: Help Others

840 dreams to explore

Start a business that changes peoples lives in a positive way.

To come out of college with a career of becoming a nurse and I plan to help back with the community by doing community service. [Kamryn]

To save thousands of lives as a doctor.

My dream is to become an international lawyer and economist in order to Be influential in the forward development of Africa and all oppressed peoples... gnima

To walk anywhere in the world and everyone smiles and says Hi. --Clarence

To make my family proud, to make a difference in my community, and to use my knowledge and skills to help others.

To be A sucessful Entertainer, So I can help People. & try to help, with all the Homelessness, I Just want to help

to open a community center for under privileged youth in my community. The center would prompt health, education, and professional growth for our youth.

To become financially stable enough to create philanthropic endeavors to assist in aiding illnesses around the world as well as create poetic messages that inspire under-privileged youth!

To enhance the minds of our youth and to encourage fellow friends and family to build better communities

To develop strong young brothers into will set example and bring about change. Bold and new young leaders

My dream is that people will see their own innerpower & potential. I know that when people see their ability to do amazing things that they will do amazing things just like Dr. King!

for The Paco Project to be a success and help the students with print disabilities.

I have A dream , That one day the world will be cancer- free, and that no one will have to say goodbye to their loved ones forever.

To do my best in everything I put my mind to. Also, to give back to my community every day.

My dream for our community is to have safe places for kids to play and learn. Spenser.

to help children all over the world to make sure they are protected. No child should live in fear.

TO graduate from VSU and live a health and happy life and spread peace to all.

not have to "fight" to do the right thing for humans| To be able to walk down the street with the black man I date and have angry looks

To understand the brain's true potential so that the human race can grow and develop.