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Dreams: Help Others

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to have & own a chiropractic & rehab center. To be a prosperous business owner. To donate in order to help my church, community & family...

My dream is for strength to endure what has been put in front of me and to be able to give strength to the one who needs it most

For Unity in the Black Unity. Helena Atlanta

My Dream is for Everybody to have courge and faith. Jadis

To inspire as many young black men and women that everyone is born with "greatness", and to encourage them to share their "greatness" with the world!

To know their history and get a good Education Be Good Black boys & Men

To truly make a difference in someone's life. Help someone today

My dream is to go to college and become a doctor to help a lot of people who need my help.

I have a dream that one day I will become a lawyer to help families that have problems in there lives and make the problem better by talking with the families.

My dream is to improve the education and water for children in africa who are struggeling. Also for world peace.

My dream would be to have some money to help people put their lives back together, due to unfortunate circumstances...

To be phenomenal in all things. To be remembered for my charity.

To capture the dreams of others "without a vision the people will perish" in helping youth touch their dreams.

To be able to reach all goals so that I can help others reach theirs.

To spread God's love and continue to lead people to his light. [Olivia]

to see the day when both education and wealth gaps are eliminated; to see a broad unification of our diverse country united TOGETHER to allow all who desire the opportunity to maximize and achieve the...

To become a neurosurgeon:liberating the mind starting with me To reinvent and innovate neurology-finding the cure for cerebral palsey To serve as a stuart, musician, servant and father when I grow old...

To inspire others and live up to the expectations of Dr. King.

My dream for our community is that we can all be friends, and come together for parties and things like that...

My dream is that people won't be judged by other people about what they wear.