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Dreams: Help Others

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for everyone to be able to afford healthcare \, school and take care of their families comfortably. Also to help those in Haiti Camryn

That not just some but most people give back to society- Juliet

I Have A Dream I have a dream there will be less world hunger.

My dream is to become a lawyer and to change the world -Amiran

To get Ph.D. degree successfully. Devote to Taiwan's agriculture and feeding the world!! [Yu-Chien]

My dream for our community is that everyone has a home and not homeless because it makes me sad if someone doesn’t have a home...

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I have a dream that I can get homeless people off the streets and stop them from begging people for money.

My dream is to impact my community in a way that is effective, positive, and meaningful; to use my skills and passion to uplift people, empower people, and inspire people to be better than there curre...

To leave an impact that can't be erased. Rise above the glass ceiling. To spread love and hope in the world. To fulfill my God given destiny. Towanda

That the citizens of the United States of America will lead the world a love revolution...

to better the lives of deaf children & children with developmental disabilities. I want them to never feel different, only equal to all other children. Bryana

My Dream is to be able to open up a boys and girl home, where they can grow and get educated on life situates such Martin L. King and others that have made the way for us...

to make people happy and pay back the love that I have received.

As a nation we remember in our hearts and our souls the importance of continuous integration of our lives to join as one, and through time love & compassion will be our leaders.

to be the best role model for my children in terms of achieving wisdom, a love of people, living everyday with purpose.

My dream is to complete Graduate School...

To be happy to be surrounded by other happy, content people. even if I have to help them become that way.

My dream is to be something great. To help people that's struggling.

My dream for our world is that everyone would have a place to live, and food to eat. Anthony