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840 dreams to explore

that sometime in the future people will come together, and stop the nonsense that makes the world calamitous. I would like to one day wake up in a world where violence is no longer present.

To make a difference in people live across the colobe to realize that we are all brothers and sister who should work together for a non-violent world. Stephan

I dream that one day I don't have to turn on the News and hear how everyone is buying more guns and ammunition after a school shooting...

I dream Thailand have aleader person like Martin Luther King jr

That the world can be a better place, because we can make a diference. Mesa

To spread God's love and continue to lead people to his light. [Olivia]...

That everyone is given the same opportunity and advantages so they can live their dream whatever it is - alleviate property, equal education, peace, love, freedom! God Bless

To be phenomenal in all things. To be remembered for my charity.

my drean is to grow up and help people in need and insipre with my photograpghy.

To be able to travel around the world and talk with people about How they can be come a child of christ.

To educate women in Ghana West Africa about prenatal care, healthy habits for their babies, I want to increase women and children rights across the continent of Africa

to become a teacher and help kids in need.

My dream to make the world a better place for everyone. [Megan]

People will work together for the better of our elected officials and try and understand and there efforts, if they are trying. Support one another to looking beyond the skin. Pray of our young...

To become great and help people locally, nationally, and globally.

My dream is to be a star like singer and dancer. I will help my home in Georgia [Tamara]

To be helpful and strong and help others forever and always be nice -Taylor

To be a singer and help the homeless [Shakire]

My community's PARENTS will Recognize the awesome Responsibility they hold for the shaping, building up & structing of the next generation's thought How they raise their children...

My dream is to help my people and others to grow spiritually.