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Dreams: Help Others

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To make my family proud, to make a difference in my community, and to use my knowledge and skills to help others.

For black people to re-focus on our rich heritage teaching our children the importance of community and giving back to make a difference.

My dream is to go to college and become a doctor to help a lot of people who need my help.

Ending poverty through communication. Peoples needs will be met with other people generosity through a better communication.

To serve others! -Bailey

to encourage and inspire peace and self confidence in true, sand identities through self expression and love. RES 1/12/12

My dream is for all people to be equal and love one another with the love of Jesus

My dream is to be a policeman so that I can protect and serve.

to help children all over the world to make sure they are protected. No child should live in fear.

That those who are willing and able have suitable employment; and that the least among us, the most vulnerable, be protected and provided for this is just a small portion of my dream...

My dream is to help other people. I want to help poeple if they are scared, hurt, or if they are feeling broken on the inside. I want there to be peace for everyone and there to be no more violence.

To become a research scientist and discover cures for disease that plague everyone but especially minorities.

Born in Atlanta, GA, My dream is to be a change agent for young people and women...

My dream is for all people immigrants and all too be equal and to be able to get the same jobs, education, and salaries as other americans.

My dream is that the members of our nation, as well as across the globe, will learn to accept each other's similarities and differences...

I have a dream and itz to be able to show the youth some positive growth between all race...

to become a better individual and help those who aren't able to help themselves Natahsa

To live in love and share that love with everyone I come in contact with.

my dream is that people will be treated fairly and with respect

To be a collaborator in the development of a sustainable network that enhances the citizens of D.C. who are of African desent & the greater community.