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Dreams: Help Others

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My dream is that we do not continue to turn the other cheek on child abuse. To look at every child as your own, and to keep them protected from harm.

I want to become a famous soccer player. I will give 15% of my money to the poor. I would like to show people that they need to follow their dreams.

My dream is for people to get along. I will help people. [Brooklnny]

My dream for our community is… for everyone to treat people like they are your friend. In other words, treat everyone how you’d like to be treated. I’d also like for people to volunteer more often...

My dream is to help special needs children around the world gain education, ateention & love and let the parents of these kids know that there is hope...

to help people hospital person.

My dream for the community is that everyone would give communnity service time. I think we should all give at least one hour a week to help others. -Julia

To help youth of all ages dream as much as possible!

To one become even half the the man Martin Luther King Jr. was

to inspire, educate, empower and promote intellectual & personal development among black youth

To understand the brain's true potential so that the human race can grow and develop.

I have a dream...That one day people will not be labeled by what they do that's bad but by what they do that is good...

As a nation we remember in our hearts and our souls the importance of continuous integration of our lives to join as one, and through time love & compassion will be our leaders.

to create a smarter sustainable healthcare system in America as well as globally.

To become a successful model in go to America Next Top Model. To graduate high school and go to Arts institute of ATL. Also become a great role model to young kids and inspire them.

to help the ill Children & adaults & to make the world a better place

to inspire people to want and strive for more.

My Dream is for me to get to heaven and my mom to get the house we're suppose to get. {Illegable Name}

My dream for our country is to keep all of the people who are fighting for our county safe. These people do so much for us, the least we could do is help them be safe. -Taylor

For Unity in the Black Unity. Helena Atlanta