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My dream to eliminate racism Angela

To live my life in a way that people can experience and feel the love of GOD. To use the gifts I've been given to better the lives of others...

Listen actively with an open mind to improve relations among all minority groups.

My dream is to live in a world where people treat one another with love and respect. I have a world with no hunger and all human needs a provided for. Ashley

My Dream is for me to get to heaven and my mom to get the house we're suppose to get. {Illegable Name}...

To open my own girls group home! So that I can teach them how to go from girls to beautiful Young ladies! Shili

To do my best in everything I put my mind to. Also, to give back to my community every day.

That everything Malala Yousafzai stated in her UN address will, in the near future, become a reality.

Is to be able to be independent and help as many others achieve that as possible. I dont want people to be held back by anything.

My dream is to become an international lawyer and economist in order to Be influential in the forward development of Africa and all oppressed peoples... gnima

my dream is that there will be more kindness and we will be able to speak to people calmly and not be aggressive and people will not worry about being like someone else but become their own person...

My dream is for more Christians to reach out to the more of the world and share the love of Jesus Christ in order for them to be saved.

to inspire millions of people all over the world love samantha

My dream is to help people [Kymady]

My dream is to be able to help other and help my family.

*to become an entertainment lawyer or a lawyer who focuses on women's rights *to travel to different islands in the Caribbean to study how carnival creates social change and to understand its...

To present the opportunities I wasn't able to receive to many generations of young women and men through music...

To have 5 shop to do hair in them and to give back to the world

My dream is to be the best football player and to help people that need really good help.

To utilize my passion for human service and my love of all things public health to empower individuals across the world towards improving their health situations