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To have a happy and successful life while helping others do what I love.

My Dream…is that the Power, Passion, Truth and Love that Brother King was blessed to serve as a vessel for, will resonate across the nation, the world and most important into the hearts of All...

Is for the economy to be restored created more jobs and brighten our community -Alicia

To exploit all of the blessings, skills, capabilities that the almight Lord has bestowed on me to my family and friends and all those who could use my services.

My Dream is to become a useful tool for the will of lord to unfold his plan all over the world to be a person of influence to start a tran that will last a million years to enternal life amen.

Continue to be supportive, patient, and kind. Always keep God first. Protect my love ones and continue beeing

I dream is I want to be a teacher and a doctor I want to help people.

TO graduate from VSU and live a health and happy life and spread peace to all.

I have a dream that the whole world could get along.

To become a better frather to my kidz. To become a better leader to the youth in the hood.

To develop strong young brothers into will set example and bring about change. Bold and new young leaders

to help the ill Children & adaults & to make the world a better place

If only someone like Martin Luther King would exist today…we might have: free education for mankind. World peace. Peace for everyone. Lucas

to be a great dad and influence as many as I can at the importance and influence of doing so.

That a cure for cancer be discovered in our lifetime.

My dream is that every child under the age of 8 will not have to work for their village.

My dream is to continue to DREAM, continue to WORK continue to SPEAK continue to STRIVE continue to do and be BETTER. Be purposeful for your family, yourself and your community. Remember - you are...

My dream for our country is that we is that there would be no abuse to animals and innocent children. Anthony

To find a cleaner and cheaper energy source that can be provided to countries all over the world to solve countless problems like cleaning drinking water and powering hospitals.

that society will acknowledge and see that LOVE is the greatest commandment of all. Yasmine