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Dreams: Help Others

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My dream for the world is that there will no longer be war because so people will not die.

I have a dream that one day our black community will stop harming each other and truly love, help, and cherish one another. There is too much hate in our world today and i have a true dream that one...

I dream of a world where the love of God is the impetus for everything we do. Where each individual projects the I into the Thou, seeing and loving his/her fellow mankind as themself.

To get Ph.D. degree successfully. Devote to Taiwan's agriculture and feeding the world!! [Yu-Chien]...

to learn everything, make the most of each opportunity I am afforded, and take what I know to teach others. I want to share all that I have and serve all that I can! Sarah Eau Claire, WI

Jan for all people to live with Dignity

to help people hospital person.

that one day there will be world peace. The world will be purified from violence and everyone will live in tranquility with there family.

for people around the world to live peacefully, respecting one another, their environment and the generations of the future.

I have a dream that all people in the world are aware of their own talents and exploit them. That they know the power of confidence and trust in each other. That people are open to other perspectives...

I have a dream that the whole world could get along.

i have a dream that one day ill become famous and help people all over the world

to eradicate the unjust suffering of African Americans across the globe.

To live the rest of my life authentically and non-judgmental to find good in everyone.


To educate my students about the struggle, so that we can continue to overcome all barriers knowledge is the key to success. I want all of my students to be very successful. Sincerely,

For everyone everywhere to be nice to each other

Everyone can move forward to a new era. Converging all backgrounds as we are all one with the same goals overall.

to really and truly make an impact, a lasting impact in the world. I also have dream

to change at least one life for the better