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Dreams: Help Others

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My dream for our community is that we have a clean and healthy environment for every one because everybody deserves and clean and healthy environment. Nadine

to operate my own health non-profit that strives to provide exemplary preventive and treatment services to populations in inner-city communities and impoverished third world areas...

My dream is to be a vet and help people with there animals. I want to live a really really big house and have my mom with me every second of the day...

To be a collaborator in the development of a sustainable network that enhances the citizens of D.C. who are of African desent & the greater community.

I have a dream that one day people will not be so greedy and will work together to create a better world.

To be a writer and motivational speaker to encourage & motivate others to live out their purpose. Rene

for young people in this generation to gain a greater sense of self-respect and self-determination, knowing that you don't have to be 40,50,or 60 years did to make a change. It must begin now!...

I have a dream that we can get all the mad people ot the streets.

to really and truly make an impact, a lasting impact in the world. I also have dream

That our society will continue to bond together as Americans and That the racial divide will continue to diminish.

to be a teacher to my children

Go to Harvard Law School and give back!

my dream is that people will be treated fairly and with respect

Jan for all people to live with Dignity

I dream of a day when the vast majority of the populace shall know the sense of balance between urgency and relaxed reflection in meditative composure such that we may explore the ability to dream luc...

to show the joy of a Christ-filled spirit to a world who has lost faith in God.

to change at least one life for the better

for people of all races and beliefs try to love and respect one another in every aspect. To live with purpose and bless others along the way!...

For to help the people you need help and care.

To inspire people and to help those in need.