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Dreams: Continue Dr. King's Legacy

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I have a dream that I will be able to show my boys the beauty of life and teach them to be the agents of change in making the world a place for us all to thrive

Iremya - I love Martin Luther King Jr.

To continue to work to bring the dream of equality to fruition and to teach my children of Dr. King's dream and live to see them manifest it --Darmisha

Know Thyself

Thank you Dr. King for every thing -Damion

To have peace all around the world and to be life Dr. King

Camille- To be like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

To live the dream, and to teach others about Dr. King's life. Never forget.

My dream is that King's death was not in vain and that all God's people stand in one accord to continue the mission he started for freedom, peace, and equality.

To see Dr. King celebrated every month. Not just February. My dream cam true.

a world with peace & harmony. A world to express our ideas freely

To be fearless, Take each day as it comes. Live my life out to the fullest. Make sure that we stay free-cause Dr. King worked way too hard for everything to go down the drain...

My dream is to put God first in everything I do. Never give up or loose faith. Be the best I can be always - a better mother; daughter; sister; wife; friend and mentor.

Kiera- To show the world that ever one person can make a big difference. We should continue to make Dr. King dream real. Anybody or anyone can make a big difference...

to further Dr. King's legacy of human love and acceptance.

My dream like Dr. King's is to deliver a people(all people) to the promise land. A promised land which is routed upon love and justice for one another...

i dream that one day the Earth will come together in joy, love, peace, and agreement. LOVE The Dr. MLK Jr.

I have several dreams...One of my dreams is to walk the streets and see young brothers with their pants around their waist and not around their ankles...

I have a dream that Martin will love you.

for everyone to come together and stop bullies.