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Dreams: Continue Dr. King's Legacy

486 dreams to explore

To be a teacher and a famous designer but it would've never happened without martin luther King thanks Makayia 10

My dream is to make good grades and be the best doctor

To see the dream come alive in the lives and others.

we continue to Live ou Dr. King's Dream

that my daughters will have all the opportunities in life, academincally, socially and economically that all Americans should have. I want them to dream big and have few roadblocks to achieve it.

For the continuance of leaders emerging to bring heritage and culture back to a race that is lost without it.

My dream is that one day we will live in true equality where skin color does not matter. Where neither discrimination or reverse discrimination exist...

My dream like Dr. King's is to deliver a people(all people) to the promise land. A promised land which is routed upon love and justice for one another...

to become a change agent as an educator. I want the youth to embrace their education and follow their dream. Thank you Dr. King for your dream. Now, I too can have a dream. [Bernita Harvey]

To be like Martin Luther King in my own way

That all of my grand children grow up to understand and live out the dreams, that Martin L. King had. I had the pleasure of marching with him in 1993 march of leash!

We draw closer to the reality of Martin Luther King's vision for us as a people

"To foster within my time and space MLK's sense of the Beloved community" Rev. Dr. Arvin Senior Paster Union Baptist Church. January 13, 2012

To end adolescent poverty around the world

I want a job. I want to have a success story like Dr. King. I would like to be a chef I like to cook.

I have a dream that my 3 year old daughter will never feel different or not accepted because she has two mommies.

My dream is to have a change to the world and everybody is a good person and we the people can be happy

That every child around the world will have open access to quality education. This quality education would include MLK philosophy, views, words and inspiration and be part of the curriculum.

To be a doctor. Jorynn

To see Dr. King celebrated every month. Not just February. My dream cam true.