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Dreams: Continue Dr. King's Legacy

486 dreams to explore

for everyone to come together and stop bullies.

For gay marriage to to allowed everywhere and that everyone accepts their sexual orientation.

Camille- To be like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

My dream is to be able to do some good in this world that is to some extent in the spirit of what Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr, has done for this world. Suroh

To leave this world a better place that I found it. Everyday I spend not helping others is a day wasted. With love and Sincerity, John

I have a dream to celebrate the Dream Reborn in 2013...

Is for everyone to come together

I want Martin to come back alive Love. XOXO

That Dr. King's dream becomes a reality

To create an interconnected global community based on practices of non-violence and human rights...

Is to one day be as the King and be inspirational to others from a Child age or an adult - showing that through preservation and Struggles comes greatness

to see martin luther King gives a speech. My wish is to carry out Martin Luther Kings Dream Jasmine D.O.B. 05/07/2004

I heard Mrs. King speak about gun violence and was inspired by her words "until the last gun is silent"...

My dream is to make good grades and be the best doctor

For the day to come when we are all truly judged only by the content of my character. "All praises to the King"!

quality healthcare; that people be valued on the basis of who they are rather than what they have; that my familty feels safe and secure, without concerns of hateful acts, discrimination, or unfair an...

My dream is to continue to DREAM, continue to WORK continue to SPEAK continue to STRIVE continue to do and be BETTER. Be purposeful for your family, yourself and your community...

To see Dr. King "Beloved Community" truly become a reality in Atlanta, in the US, and around the world...

We pray for peace with justice Throughout The World and especially across The Middle East. May Dr. King's words and actions continue to change hearts and minds around The World!

That all men, women, boys and girls will realize their worth, as the Lord has given to them and live by Romans 12:21. Peace & Love to all. Live the Dream.