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Dreams: Continue Dr. King's Legacy

486 dreams to explore

to create my own legacy of love and equality, as Dr. King started his own legacy of human compassion.

Community: My dream for the community is to help end hunger, pain, pollution, and violence.

is to join together as one and help each other out in the world .. give to the helpless and hunger.. stop noble warming and bring world peace .....

My dream is to make certain all the children are protected and cared for against violence in any matter.

As a girl who was bullied, my dream is to establish a nonprofit organization that handles dispute resolution among "at risk" girls...

To inspire others and live up to the expectations of Dr. King.

for all little Black children to realize Dr. King's Dream...

my dream is for eavry one to be happy in what god made us and for peaces

My dream is that the world will be peaceful.

that Martin Luther King Jr. dream will manifest itself in truth. Danielle

the end of hunger for all children and all peoples around the world; that every person will have enough to eat everyday.

For another MLK to emerge in the next 50 year to lead and heighten moral and ethnical standards in the world.

That we would learn to love each other as God loves us all, unconditionally; and seek to rid our hearts of the fears that keep us from being a true Global sisterhood and brotherhood [Bernice A. King]

My dream is to leave a Legacy for my kids and Grandkids. My dream is to live out MLK dream and to be the man God has called me to be. A son of God.

That one day all individuals will be looked upon as human beings; color not being important

For the world to dream like Dr. King and love like Jesus Christ.

My Dream is to bring about unification of business and commerce between people to employ cooperative hiring and evolve the ranks of education so that we may have growth that flourishes for all that ha...

My Dream is to own a restaurant to provide delicious meals to people suffering with diabetes and high blood pressure...

My Dream Is to give the poor homeless Kids In my community hope. I want to change the mindset of my people like Martin Luther King Jr. did...

To see Dr. King celebrated every month. Not just February. My dream cam true.