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Dreams: Continue Dr. King's Legacy

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Kiera- To show the world that ever one person can make a big difference. We should continue to make Dr. King dream real. Anybody or anyone can make a big difference...

My dream is that the world will be peaceful.

I want a job. I want to have a success story like Dr. King. I would like to be a chef I like to cook.

That the legacy of Dr. King continues to be manifested in the lives of everybody. Dr. King through perserver once helped to shape the lives of so many...

I dream the day when all beings treat one another with respect, even if we disagree with one anothers beliefs. That we find a way to co-create and co-live peacefully...

To be strong, smart successful woman who will always fight for the well being of all persons. Thanks to you martin King.

I want to grow up to make a difference like Dr. King [Daisee]

My Dream is to empower young urban girls to be successful despite their social and economic challenges!!!

1. To pass the CIA teaching credential--to be able to teach hi-sch kids in CA. 2. To teach when I [illegible] in various places around the world. 3. to marry again- this time a chr. Man 4...

My Dream…is that the Power, Passion, Truth and Love that Brother King was blessed to serve as a vessel for, will resonate across the nation, the world and most important into the hearts of All Humanit...

To live the dream, and to teach others about Dr. King's life. Never forget.

My dream is to be more open and aware of my past and people that made a way for me to live today.

My dream is that MLK dream of ALL RACES living in harmony becomes a reality.

To never doubt that a noble spirit can be more noble, a humble heart more more humble, and an enlightened mind more open to new thoughts and ideas...

The complete fufilment ofbDr. King's Dream. We still have a ways to go

Two fold 1) Build a bridge of trust back to our own government 2) Correct the problems associated with our current economic system.

That we study war no more and remember Dr. King's Dream.

My dream is that I am able to help change another person's life for the better. To act selfessly.

To live out righteousness Dr. King died for.

A world like Dr. King envisioned.