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Dreams: Continue Dr. King's Legacy

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My dream is to spread love of God, Jesus Christ to all I encounter. God forever bless Dr. Martin Luther King legacy & life.

My dream is all people will be treated the same, and that people who are constantly trying to divide our great country will stop and realize the harm they are doing and know they are destroying...

Peace. Love. Equality.

that someday we won't have to deal with hate, violence, and injustice like Dr. King. Maybe some day there will be "peace on earth and good will towards men"...

For the day to come when we are all truly judged only by the content of my character. "All praises to the King"!...

My dream for the world is peace and to end racial discrimination. Jackson

I dream Thailand have aleader person like Martin Luther King jr

Iremya - I love Martin Luther King Jr.

to see African Americans stop "hating" on one another and live in peace and harmony as one...

I have a dream about my country , Iran. My dream is all the people in Iran , be free and happy and have a good relationship with other counties .

Is to one day be as the King and be inspirational to others from a Child age or an adult - showing that through preservation and Struggles comes greatness

to continue Dr. King's dream to bring equality and freedom to all [Brittany]...

I dream that races will only be for running, color will only be for art, war will only be a card game, and peace will reign among all the people in every nook and cranny of the earth.

to realize my full intellectual potential so that I can change the world as Martin Luther King did.

My dream is although we will not always agree with one another, respecting another person's view point would go a long way in making the world a safer place with less discord in our daily lives...

to live in a world where people fight for love rather than power

To Be a Drum-major for all my family, friends, church members, the poor, all people everywhere- as Christ like as i can! - Like Martin!

My dream is that those who truly abhor racism, in its many forms, will find the strength and the courage to wage a concerted fight against it. Ultimately, winning the war that has gone are far too...

My dream is to influence others to be as great as MLK was. I want to teach others that anyone can make a difference.

My Dream is for Martin luth the King Jr to come Back alive. Navaya