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That color stop playing such a unnecessary role in our everyday lives. That unity need explanation to our young children in schools instead showing a everyday example of unity. That That statement...

My Dream is for my kids to be treated fairly and with respect for who they are.

to see world peace and to see all of the people of the world unite under the one true God a sharing love.

My dream is to be able to do some good in this world that is to some extent in the spirit of what Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr, has done for this world. Suroh

My dream is that my students live in a world where people are judged by the "content of their character". -Karen Webster, Dolores, CO...

My dream for our country is that we continue to be a free country and that everyone is treated with equal rights because in some countries they live with a ruler who tell them what to do, what...

To live the purpose that God created me for and to be a good Mom to my daughters.

I have a dream my 5 year old son would not be judged based on the country his family orginated or his name. I have a dream that one day the ignorance in this world will stop and we will defintely...

That one day this is all history-- and that no one has to struggle for any kind of equality--that peace is--what is.

My dream is to continue to DREAM, continue to WORK continue to SPEAK continue to STRIVE continue to do and be BETTER. Be purposeful for your family, yourself and your community. Remember - you are...

I want to to change the world so there won't be any rasism left...

to be very strong and to live very long. I would be the President and talk about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Allison

I have a dream to go to college for teaching little kids.

I have a dream that I will be able to show my boys the beauty of life and teach them to be the agents of change in making the world a place for us all to thrive

My dream is to one day see this country in total unity and that every individual has the right to fulfill their dreams!


For the world to dream like Dr. King and love like Jesus Christ.

That everyone feels that they can make a difference

To have peace all around the world and to be life Dr. King

Iremya - I love Martin Luther King Jr.