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to have a great heart and become just like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Esther

That we all learn form the history of great men likeMLK and really listen to what they were saying about equality, freedom, non-violence and peace.

That all of my grand children grow up to understand and live out the dreams, that Martin L. King had. I had the pleasure of marching with him in 1993 march of leash!

is to become successful leader just like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Written by: Ariel

to have Dr. King's dream come true and for everyone to take this dream forever...

I have a dream to one day be a lawyer so that I am able to help fight injustices across the state of Florida so that my children can grow up in peace. I want to one day open my own legal aid office...

For young peole to stop dying at the hands of guns because of a lack of gun laws and for the end of drug slavery for all people

the same as that of Dr. King, Malcolm X and Huey P Newton all of who I consider the Trinity of African American Progress in the modern Freedom and Rights Movement we want it unconditionally!

As Americans, that we all have the same opportunities, and that we live as one.

Happy Birthday To the greatest King! Dr. Martin Luther King Sheila 2012

My dream is that people will see their own innerpower & potential. I know that when people see their ability to do amazing things that they will do amazing things just like Dr. King!

That we all learn to love and forgive one another that we all get to know the King hood that we keep hope alive

I have a dream that African Americans and people of color would realize the sacrifices of others before us and carry on the mission that was started. We must break down the walls of hatred and...

That all will know abba.

Iremya - I love Martin Luther King Jr.

That the light and sound of Dr. King and love gave to the beloved community will shine for eternity with much aloha. Regina

Is for greater equality socio-economically. People to be well compensated for hard word. Greater appreciation and LGBT civil rights solidified.

To be as inspirational to others as i can be. I hope to keep and share my religious beliefs and ethics with the world and support my family. If I can touch half the lives that Dr. Martin Luther King...

I have a dream that one day people would not be judged by the color of their skin. I have a dream that my brothers and sisters will be able to walk in any neighbor and not be judged by their clothing...

My dream is to make good grades and be the best doctor