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366 dreams to explore

True liberation from poverty and human suffering.

I dream of healthy and peaceful workplaces where we strive to hold each other up.

My dream is to have all nations to come together as one and help stop conflicts between other countries

My dream for our country is to allow the 14 year old boaters license allow you to buy a jet ski.

A world like Dr. King envisioned.

That my AA sons may go anywhere + not be judged by the color of their skin. And, I pray for all of our AA Boys in America. May they find their purpose.

i have a dream that everyone can have the love of their families and friends. that people get along and there is an end to violence. i have a dream that no one suffers from hunger because everyone...

For our children not to experience the prejudices of our own country. This can only happen by way of education. Cultural education should be a requirement from elementary - higher education.

I have a dream that i would be a famous pop star. And i have a dream that bullying.

For the World to see an increase in world peace

Cure for diabetes, lymphoma cancer, pancreatic cancer. Cure for unemployment - peace -

That we will full fill the dream of non-violence

The world can get to a point where everyone can live with peace. Where war is a matter of history.

I have a dream, that one day, it would be no world poverty. I have a dream that we could make a plan to stop world hunger and violence.


My dream is that one day we can overcome the racial barrier as a nation. We will drop prejudices and treat each other with love and respect. I hope to one day fulfill Dr.King's dream and live in...

We pray for peace with justice Throughout The World and especially across The Middle East. May Dr. King's words and actions continue to change hearts and minds around The World!...

"Que mi Propósito se traduzca en una fuerza coherente, que aporte a la superación de toda forma de violencia" José Rivadeneyra...

I dream of a more peaceful world where the use of arms is a resort that no nation or group is willing to entertain. There's power in communication...

the human race will love with grace and mercy.