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to live in a world free of free, violence or the selfish endeavors of political parties and countries

My dream is to help other people. I want to help poeple if they are scared, hurt, or if they are feeling broken on the inside. I want there to be peace for everyone and there to be no more violence.

To Live in a world with no hurt, pain or hunger. Just Love and perserverance....

My dream is for family values and morals be the center of teaching to children in their homes, schools and communities. Bring God and prayer back into the school system so that our children can have...

My dream for our world is their will never be a war or any problems between countries.

what's happened with the dream of Dr. King? My dream is his dream. A world free of violent. I'm German born after WW2. I was learnt to keep peace in our hearts in mind and action. I've...

i think we should continue Martin Luther King Jr.s speech

My dreams are to go to college and to get my college degree. And for the hating in the world to stop. And for everybody to love each other and peaceful. Love, Markea. Date, 1/15/2012

I have a dream that one day people would not be judged by the color of their skin. I have a dream that my brothers and sisters will be able to walk in any neighbor and not be judged by their clothing...

To make the world a better place. And to have no more violence [Anson]

Tyler My dream is to love, not fight

I have a dream that one day no one will go to bed hungry, every child will have access to education, and no person or animal will be abused.

To leave this world better as a result of my life. It is integral that we provide humanity with the essential tools to thrive. Dr. Dale Sanders

The Middle East full of peace, love and friendship without dictators like Bashar Assad and Khamenei.

To open a homeless center.

I have a dream that one day that all this crime and violence could stop so we can all live in peace.

My dream for our country is that there will be no more violence in schools because everyone needs to be safe in order to be safe in school.

My dream for our world is that there will be peace between all the countries and all war will end. Rhea

my dream is to stop kony :-)

For the world to get better, for others to be kind and loving to one another, and for the world to be safe. My dream