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My dream for our world is their will never be a war or any problems between countries.

what's happened with the dream of Dr. King? My dream is his dream. A world free of violent. I'm German born after WW2. I was learnt to keep peace in our hearts in mind and action. I've...

Stop black on black violence throughout the world

to spread the love and peace to every one in the world

My dream for our country is I want war to stop in 2013, I want peace throughout the whole land. No matter how big the problem is there is no need for any war. My definition of war is violence and...

My dream for our country is that we keep peace with other countries like China and Russia because we do not want to go through a world war III.

My dream is that there will be peace all over the world. There will be no war or poverty anywhere. Violence will no longer take over the majority of the youth. All nations will come together in peace...

My dream is to one day to live on this earth/in this country where there is genuine love for one another. That there is peace in the land. That there is no more hatred. That there is equality and no...

I dream of a world filled with peace.

To encourge peace around the world and stop hunger.

My dream is for this bullying violence to end for everyone.And to be happy. David

MY DREAM: To see today's youth be able to have a happy innocent childhood. To see the end of gun violence as a whole and particularly among the inner city youth. That they will wake up with...

I have a dream that the world will be free of poverty and violence. There will be world peace and no violence. Everyone will respect and help each other.

to make the world a better place like not shooting. Sarai

My dream is to help stop vilence in the world

I have a dream that i would be a famous pop star. And i have a dream that bullying.

to end violence, everybody get along, world peace, no weapons

I have a dream to celebrate the Dream Reborn in 2013. The plan is to drive a retrofitted bus across America and shoot a documentary and short film on the way to the 50th anniversary "I Have a...

Martavias Rice is to beocme a police and stop violence

My dream for our world is to stop child abuse so every child can live the life they want to.