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Mt dream is...there will no more struggles in world. [Miah]


My dream is for the beloved community that my [illegible]

For America to humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways so that God's Kingdom can prevail and heal the land...

My dream is for my Dad to find a job that he loves. ~Amy

To become a NY Ranger and that they win today. Also I want to become a billionaire and stuff.

to leave the world much better than how I found it; to promote peace, prosperity and progress; to eradicate social misery and existential anxiety. David

I have a dream that one day even kids have an equal say In what happens In their economy, and neighborhoods.

My dream is to become a millionaire, and help children all around the world.

for fairness and justice to dominate and prevail in all countries across the world.

-Sabrina I wish money didn't determine everything...

Having a good Life

Equality for all and specifically in the U.S.A. it includes economic, gender, race and religion and respectfulness to others and the nature we live in. Mihir

For the US economy to fully recover so we and future generations can have a better life, which normally it should not be in the dream category but unfortunately these days it is.

Every child is given equal access to opportunnies- class divide is no longer an issue

I have a dream that one day I will have the freedom and resources to love and raise my two children, Jordan Salinas Wokoma and Rachel Elizabeth Wokoma.

My dream is to see Redirected Community & Supportive services with a 5 million dollar budget helping many people with homelesness, education counseling services a mentoring sell and buy million...

To have 5 shop to do hair in them and to give back to the world

My dream is to be a fund manager. I want to help people with their money [Kim]

My Dream Is: To see the my country treat all of her citizens with dignity, respect and humanity. I work for building this inclusive society and transforming the Dream into a reality. An America which...