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Peace.. Love.. Happiness... Success... Prosperity... Wisdom... Knowledge... God's Guidance! :)...

To have my own hair salon when I grow up. With all the money I make I will split it with my parents w/ the rest I will give back to my community [Tatiana Perkins]

Every child is given equal access to opportunnies- class divide is no longer an issue

is to use my talents and energy to spread hope and confidence in all the lives I touch. I especially want the young people I see every day to live inspiring lives of contribution, purpose, and...

A Living Wage for All Working People!

To have no poor people in the world

My dream is to work out a partnership with the King Center and {illegible} Atlanta.

My Neice realizes her dream of becoming a Civil Engineer, since she has already fulfilled the dream of her family by graduating college.

I have a dream that every body would be friends and respect each other. I want the fighting to stop and the killing to stop too. I want the conflicts to stop every where and the world to have peace.

I have a dream that one day I will have the freedom and resources to love and raise my two children, Jordan Salinas Wokoma and Rachel Elizabeth Wokoma.

To become one of the most prominent and sought after black woman Financial Advisers in the United States

i dream about having a good house, a great car, travel a lot, meet lots of people and having kids.

To be the first black richest most loyal lawyer

Equality for all and specifically in the U.S.A. it includes economic, gender, race and religion and respectfulness to others and the nature we live in. Mihir

To have a healthy global economy.

To live debt free without being afraid to take chances without failing.

To travel globally teaching financial literacy and economics to students and adults in low-to-moderate income communities. To ensure that everyone create wealth & build sustainable neighborhoods.

Having a good Life

for all individual to have economic equality. Bianca 30308

To See an urban community transformed and have The world see it as a visible manifestation of the Kingdom of God