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Dreams: Economic Prosperity

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My dream is for the beloved community that my [illegible]

Our dream is to one day have an enterprise to pass down to our children so that they never experience hardship but gain the Knowledge That if they work hard they can have anything

African Americans will truly step into their greatness! Unified!

to eliminate poverty in our country!

i dream about having a good house, a great car, travel a lot, meet lots of people and having kids.

To See an urban community transformed and have The world see it as a visible manifestation of the Kingdom of God

To become an entrepenuer. I want to start my own foundations that helps less fortunate people I see...

Is to live in a world where people don't have to be afraid to lose their house or job. A place were we live in harmen, and money is not an issue!

Me and my mom was at our own houses.

ensure that I can create lasting change, providing others with the opportunities that I have been fortunate to be provided

To touch at least one person's life just as Dr. King touched millions.

to assist in making 100 African American men and women millionaires with the understanding that they will assist another.

Emile To bring a change in my community and why not my country as a whole...

Listen actively with an open mind to improve relations among all minority groups.


Better economical system that creates more jobs, creates more output and resources for the people. A system where the people have more influence in politics and government.

I have a dream that I will be rich and I will be in the FBI.

Women , children and men of all races and ethnicities have access to living a healthy life regardless of income! Health is a human right [Cherly]

be rich, be happy, lots kids

My Neice realizes her dream of becoming a Civil Engineer, since she has already fulfilled the dream of her family by graduating college.