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To see a thriving and healthy economy in Atlanta.

to grow up and be a successful business woman [Tristin]

My dream for our country is for everyone to become detached from materialism because then we can all become more spiritual beings. Jackson

to see the world have a better promising future where I can live peacefully and not worry about devastating issues. I also would like to leave Gettysburg College to know that my economic well being...

to leave the world much better than how I found it; to promote peace, prosperity and progress; to eradicate social misery and existential anxiety. David

Me and my mom was at our own houses.

Having a good Life

The principles that Dr. King dedicated his life for, the principles that made it possible for me to live with the freedoms I do, will be even more magnified in the life of my children and...

Listen actively with an open mind to improve relations among all minority groups.

For all Americans to become critical thinkers and possess quality of truth. -Magdalene

to empower people to live debt free and to promote wealth. This wealth will be used only to help improve our youths lives in all areas.

I have a dream I, along with every single person on this planet, have dreams. They are as many as they are diverse. However, I will only focus on one of them, for the purpose of this essay. And that...

To get rich so I could help the needy and give back

Better economical system that creates more jobs, creates more output and resources for the people. A system where the people have more influence in politics and government.

Is to be able to clear my criminal record so that I can get a job to support my family

My dream is to live in a world without poverty and economic inequality.

To become Cassie Mills. She is a beautiful women of God. I love her.

for fairness and justice to dominate and prevail in all countries across the world.

A world where everyone has a chance at equal education and employment

Property on at lest 3 continents, successful verlar