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Dreams: Economic Prosperity

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To get my Phd. and live comfortably, so my mother would not have to work anymore. To take my entire family on a cruise.

To become Cassie Mills. She is a beautiful women of God. I love her.

My dream for the community is to allow every person to have food, so there will be less hunger.

to get everlasting peace in the world. To bring the economy back to people having jobs and keeping ther homes. But most of all to be Debt Free. Sonja

to be happy and successful.

Having a safe environment for african-americans and to participate in the world economy so we cant no longer be behind

To be the first black richest most loyal lawyer

My dream is for our children. Also for our grandchildren. I dream that they will understand and follow all the strong warriors who have gone before them. the sung and unsung...

True equality in the work place. Break down barriors for women and people of color...

I have a dream that I will one day help to better the human race

That everything well be free so you won't have to spend all of your money on something you really like

for the progression of everlasting peace & prosperity across nations that will foster hope for all. Joshua

to eliminate poverty in our country!

To See an urban community transformed and have The world see it as a visible manifestation of the Kingdom of God

I have a dream that one day my family will not have to worry about money, we can go to the doctor when we are sick and not have to worry about bills...

Property on at lest 3 continents, successful verlar

-Sabrina I wish money didn't determine everything.

for there to be no hatred, lies or evil in the world. For everyone to have all their needs met. For no one to go hungry. My personal dream is to be happy. 13th January '12

To graduate from high school and attend Furman University

My dream is to be successful in this world, running past those people out there who believe that my generation is "the dumb generation".