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My Dream is that I was rish

I hava a dream that one day my HOPES (my children) will one day benefit & contribute to Global Diplomacy through language, culture, education, diversity, love & most of all FAITH! MY DREAMS...

To be successful and powerful beyond. For my family to be just the same as me, and ultimately be aprt of a group of people African Americans can be proud of.

That financial bills and taxes could go down and that Obama would be respected more because he is our first African black person to be president and I could make a difference in the world and make it...

To be an Artist and get alot of money. I want to go all the way through to college. I want to be a leader like Martin Luther King Jr. January 16, 2012 Lanakai

To have a hundred million dollars in the next 10 years, and for all of my children to be mentaly and physicaly sucessful. Kim

i have a dream to have everything i always wanted in life.

my dream is to graduate from Duke university and be a major league baseball player.

Is to be a millionaire

I dream to become a professional baskeball player. I love the sport and i am good at it. I dont see why I won't make. I can do this and I know I can. Doing this will make some of my worries for...

My mom to win the Lotterry

My dream is to be a successful health care professional.

To live a successful life and live longer and longer each year. Also it is to help my dad and mom and everyone in my family.

My dream is to be a millionair and for my family to have plenty! In Jesus NAME!

To become a famous singer. To help make a difference

that God continues to keep my family healthy, safe and financialy independent. Monica

to get a pet

I am very important dr. and I got very many money and familly.

My dream is to be successful in life.

To be worth $16 Billion