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Dreams: Wealth

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Is to be successful in life.

My dream is to be writer and rich

To win the powerball and buy waterfront property in Miami and purchase a 25ft yacht.

I have a dream that I will go to college and become very successful later on in life.

To be successful and powerful beyond. For my family to be just the same as me, and ultimately be aprt of a group of people African Americans can be proud of.

To One day be successful in life and travel around the world helping others.

To become a famous singer. To help make a difference

TO become a world known singer. To show people of many religions the talents that I have. To be able to support my family and friends with the money that I'll have...

To get good grades and play for a travel basketball team for Santown and be rich -Xavier

My dream is to be rich!!!!!!!

To become a better person, finish my education, and to one day be very successful. Also, staying positive!

Successful bussiness millionaire to help the Kingdom -Ipact

i have a dream to have infininte amount of money.

My dream is to be a football player and to go to college and to have lots of kids and to be rich and buff 2qbol

I Have A Dream… to go to college I Have A Dream…to be happy no what happens I Have A Dream…to change the world

my dream is to graduate from Duke university and be a major league baseball player.

My dream is that for anyone that is not actively working in their Field of education within 5 years of gradurating, should not have to pay back student loans...

My dream is to riched and have all of the American girl's by Jaeden

I am very important dr. and I got very many money and familly.

To be a famous guitar. I want to be rich. -Destiny