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To become a better person, finish my education, and to one day be very successful. Also, staying positive!

To be worth $16 Billion

My dream is to become a famous soccer player...and to help people in need become famous, not only in wealth but also in faith, courage, love, and wisdom. I also want to build a faster home. Thats my...

I have a dream that I will go to college and become very successful later on in life.

My dream for our country is more people have jobs.

My dream is to be the most successful banked in the world -From Ion

To be a famous guitar. I want to be rich. -Destiny

My dream is to be business man and become a millionaire who is successful in life.

The Be Famous and Rich, and to be Known For My goodness in life.


i dream to end world hunger! i dream that all will get proper health! i dream that schools will bring religion back to schools! i dream Alabama will win more national championships! i dream that the...

My dream is to be rich!!!!!!!

Buy my own home get married. Have enough money to pay off all bills, good health prosperity much Joy, Love, and Happiness

My Dream is that I was rish

My dream is to become a professional football player. Also to become wealthy enough to help the community.

I want to be a doctor so I can help people when they are sick, and So I can make alot of money. And live in a big house.

To win the powerball and buy waterfront property in Miami and purchase a 25ft yacht.

To be rich [Caudice]

My family members and my friends will lead a happy and meaningful life. I can be a very nice person in the eyes of the people around me. World peace and prosperity! -Ying

To be rich and people would so we an lot of respect.