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Dreams: Wealth

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my dream is to be an artist that paint out his or her emotions.To be rich with money by selling my most famous paintings

To one day be rich and to be around to see my daughter & nieces to grow up and one day have their own kids and to be married.

My dream is that one day there will be no more war. I pray that there will never be more worldly conflicts and that more lives will be saved...

to one day see the success of all people divided or appear to be divided equally. The effect system of slavery is not physical, but mental now...

A Living Wage for All Working People!

I dream of being rich, rich enough to give my future family everything they need...

I want to grow up, go to a good college and get a degree. Then get a medical digree so I can grow up and be a doctor...

to peple walk

Become Rich.

I have a dream that one day i will live in a big beautiful house with twins. I wish that i could be a lawyer or a model. I wish that i could have a sweet nice husband as well...

My dream is to be a doctor. And to be susesful in my life -India

I had a dream that people could live longer............... i had a dream

To sing and dance and make more money.

is to be rich from: annie rosa

I Have A Dream… to go to college I Have A Dream…to be happy no what happens I Have A Dream…to change the world

To become a famous actress on Hollywood and Broadway. Then I want to have a make-up artist

to be successful with my craft and to be wealthy so that I may help my loved ones and others. K.C.

To be successful in all areas and aspects of my life.

To be worth $16 Billion