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To be worth $16 Billion

To be rich and people would so we an lot of respect.

My Dream is that I was rish

My dream is to have 100 dollars and live to be a billion years old and become a Batman.

My dream is to become a professional football player. Also to become wealthy enough to help the community.

Successful bussiness millionaire to help the Kingdom -Ipact

I will make millions oof dollars, and then I will donate 7% of my profits and , I will give and give, and give to poor people without parents, people who are broke, so then I can make the world be a...

My dream is to the best dad and father in the world...and be very successful [Brian]

I have a dream that I will go to college and become very successful later on in life.

To be an Artist and get alot of money. I want to go all the way through to college. I want to be a leader like Martin Luther King Jr. January 16, 2012 Lanakai

To have a healthy global economy.

A Living Wage for All Working People!

My dream is to obtain the finances to attend graduate school, and receive a master's degree in clinical laboratory science. SUCCESS!!...

Become Rich.

My dream is that I become a professional basketball player and make alot of money.

To One day be successful in life and travel around the world helping others.

I have a dream that dreams will no longer be viewed as things separate from man's day-today existence, but as necessary as the air he breathes and the water he drinks...

My dream is to be a vet and help people with there animals. I want to live a really really big house and have my mom with me every second of the day. i want to be able to live happy with family and...

To have a hundred million dollars in the next 10 years, and for all of my children to be mentaly and physicaly sucessful. Kim

The Be Famous and Rich, and to be Known For My goodness in life.