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Be a millionare!

To achieve personal, financial, and spiritual satisfaction by living a spiritual and socially responsible life. James

my dream is to one see that everybody is treated equal and fair no matter what color you are and that are leadership shell come togather for the peoples cause and not politcle cause martin luther...

Each child will have access to quality and free education and be able to support themselves in whatever endeavor they so desire.

*To be a billionaire *To share the Word of God with the world *To Encourage & Motivate women & others to live their Dreams DQK

My dream is to go to MLB major league baseball.

My dream is to be a actress and to be a Singer,too.

My Dream is to be rich and famous and to come succeful

My dream is to become a professional football player. Also to become wealthy enough to help the community.

My dream is that I become a professional basketball player and make alot of money.

My dream is to be a doctor. And to be susesful in my life -India

To be successful ~Imani

I have a dream where everyone can have a house and not be homeless and they could have money so they could have money so they can buy food and warm clothes and no one will be racist and they wont be...

To become a successful chiropractor, so I can provide for my family and friends.

Buy my own home get married. Have enough money to pay off all bills, good health prosperity much Joy, Love, and Happiness

My family members and my friends will lead a happy and meaningful life. I can be a very nice person in the eyes of the people around me. World peace and prosperity! -Ying

Successful bussiness millionaire to help the Kingdom -Ipact


to be successful with my craft and to be wealthy so that I may help my loved ones and others. K.C.

I Have A Dream… to go to college I Have A Dream…to be happy no what happens I Have A Dream…to change the world