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Dreams: Wealth

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To be successful ~Imani

I had a dream that people could live longer............... i had a dream

The Be Famous and Rich, and to be Known For My goodness in life.

to get a great education. to work on my music carrer as a singer.and have a better and happeir life. and go to a great collage

My dream is to be a successful health care professional.

I am very important dr. and I got very many money and familly.

I dream to become a professional baskeball player. I love the sport and i am good at it. I dont see why I won't make. I can do this and I know I can. Doing this will make some of my worries for...

My dream is to become a professional football player. Also to become wealthy enough to help the community.

My dream is to be successful in life.

My dream is to the best dad and father in the world...and be very successful [Brian]

I dream that I will be rich.

I want to be rich in the future.

My dream is to see an end to world Poverty and Hunger. I will see a nation that has more giving people than those who are greedy and don't share. All people will have their basic needs met and...

To be rich [Caudice]

I have a dream that I will go to college and become very successful later on in life.

to get a pet

My dream is to be a famous soccer player when I grow up. [Olivia]

My dream is too keep the enviroment clean.

I want to grow up, go to a good college and get a degree. Then get a medical digree so I can grow up and be a doctor. To help the sick kids to feel better and go back outside and play with their...

To one day be rich and to be around to see my daughter & nieces to grow up and one day have their own kids and to be married.