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Dreams: Religion

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That all men, women, boys and girls will realize their worth, as the Lord has given to them and live by Romans 12:21. Peace & Love to all. Live the Dream.

To continue to build God's church at "The Power House St...

To Achieve all I am capable of. To bring, lead & deliver all the brothers and sister I can reach to the Salvation of Jesus. I want to become a Dr...

is to be an outstanding mother who leaves a worthwhile legacy to enhance the future of my children like Dr. King...

For me and us to a contribution by loving each other- sharing our knowledge, expertise and hopes. God Bless His People.

that in 2013. I will have earned the title of Dr. De'shonda W...

To pay off my mortgage & to see my daughter grown into an independent young woman who knows & fears God. Who fully understands that with God all things are possible.

For all my family, friends, relatives, and acquantinces make it to heaven when Jesus comes

My dream is that one day my kids will live out there dreams! I will be blessed with long life to enjoy my family!

That I will get to go to hevean

Keep our freedom with a limited government that promotes family values, religious freedom, and facilitates more racial harmony.

to do whatever God has called me to do whehter it be to pastor Grace House International after my father steps down or anything else...

I have a dream that one day somebody will accept gay rights. That people will finally see that we are people too. This is supposed too be a free country. With free religions and views on things...

my dream is to live a Christian life to be love and give love and to thank God for his many blessings

To change the world with the gifts God blessed me with. To help my community progress and save the lives and dreams of those I come into contact with.

i would love if all people could find love and be accepted for there religon

To have everyone love each other the way God made them.

For all nations to be saved and spread love and teach the Gospel. for America to be a praying nation to the one true & living God, In Jesus Name. Amen

My dream is to live a bountiful life blessed by the grace of GOD

my Dream is to prey for Martin Luther King