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To see the manifestation of Dr. King's dream actualized around the World...

To spread God's love and continue to lead people to his light. [Olivia]...

Hope, faith, and love

TO become a world known singer. To show people of many religions the talents that I have. To be able to support my family and friends with the money that I'll have. To just be happy in my work,...

That true peace will come to every nation on this earth. May the will of God Almighty Truly be done.

My Dream is heaven and Amgel with God and PEoplE.

My Dream is to alway be in Good Health, and to Love one another and love God.

To be the best deacon in my church, to be a god husband to my wife, a great father to my children, and to walk in God's Devine Favor as His servant. Deacon Thomas...

that we become a race neutral country. Our society has become too balkanized into separate groups. Majority vs. minority does not serve us well.

For all my family, friends, relatives, and acquantinces make it to heaven when Jesus comes

Our President to stay in office and the God would bless him and his family. That he succeed in all that he strive to accomplish.

To make a difference in this world, see the world, and change around their political system

To Make It into Heaven. [illegible name]

To be able to travel around the world and talk with people about How they can be come a child of christ.

that everyone would be respectful and Kind to all the people In the world. My God shine His Light on All Our People in the world

Find peace and happiness in everything I do for my business, community, and family

To live my life in a way that people can experience and feel the love of GOD. To use the gifts I've been given to better the lives of others...

To make a difference in this world by sharing the love of God through missions. Also, in all that I do to be a mighty women of God professionally and spiritually. Loretta

To do the work of an evangelist [Katriaa]

to become move 2 move compassionate toward my Faith and community. I pray that our savior give me the more words of ministry. I want to become a Pastor again. (Thank you Lord)