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Dreams: Travel

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To travel around the world! To travel and live in different countries, appreciate different cultures and people and languages.

travel the world

To go to new york Kailyn :(

I dream that one day the world'll be in peace, in every country, and every body will be respected, without regard of his religion, his race, who he loves.....

can we all just get along! CDB 8/25/11

i wish to travel the world and see different types of cultures

to travel all around the world and learn about different cultures.

My name is Juan lacan. one of my dreams is to get my GED, because I want to study medicine. I would like to be a dentist...

to travel through the world to see how God touched his children around the world

To become a successful entrepreur- so I can help someone else dream come true

Travel to every part of the globe and be welcome everywhere.

I have a dream that one day all people can go anywhere. All the places will welcome people. Also we are going to have our own country. There will be no more fighting around the country...

my dream is to be a bakitball player in tne wrold

to fly with no restrictions; explore with no destination; live with freedom, justice and peace; To dream for my future and make a change.

My dream is that I will one-day live in the USA where we can TRULY say we are all one people no racist

I hope when I grow up I will have a loving wife or girlfriend that wants a family some I can travel the world with. Some one that makes me happy

I want to go to Africa to ride a Jaguar!

To come America and see everyone again! I wish there are a lot of smile in Japan and America.

My dream is to travel around the world with loved ones and friends.

my dream is to become famous & to be known around the world i want to have nice cars nice houses and make good money i would like to help out the people that are poor and dont have what other peop...