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Dreams: Friendship

262 dreams to explore

to make new friends and to keep some old friends. MIKO

that everyone would share their toys. Iris

My dream is to get a scholarship to any college for softball. I want to also help people reach their goals too. I need family, friends, and happiness to achieve this goal.

I have a dream that I would be a famous singer I would love to be a postive role model to my peers as well as people younger then me.

I Have A Dream that we will all wont to have a Education and all love one another and respect are teachers and we need to me friendly to one another we need peace in the world and no black on black cr...

for all people with special needs to furfill the dreams

For all people to always be good to each other. For all people to be peaceful Sam

That bullying will stop worldwide.

My dream is to spread peace to others, and in return, have them spread peace and love to others as well...

My dream is to see the world come together and make peace with everyone...

My dream for the world is peace and to end racial discrimination. Jackson

that sometime in the future people will come together, and stop the nonsense that makes the world calamitous. I would like to one day wake up in a world where violence is no longer present.

for every body to get along and help each other. Jordan

that one day there will be no one who is lonely in this world, but that everyone will come together as brothers and sisters and support one another.

Unity not Division.

No more drugs and prophanity in school and out No more hate against each other and I want to be a singer and a successful young lady

To end poverty, child abuse, brutaity and war in the world.

Tyanna- My dream is to go see Mr. Butler and to see my friend Kylee


that all sentient beings will come to know and show true love and compassion for one another as we are all one family