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that one day there will be no one who is lonely in this world, but that everyone will come together as brothers and sisters and support one another.

for the black community to return to it's past SOLIDARITY...

I Have A Dream that we will all wont to have a Education and all love one another and respect are teachers and we need to me friendly to one another we need peace in the world and no black on black...

i wish to be a nurse.i want to learn to cook.i want to learn how to play basebaLL.I WISH FOR PEACE.

my dream; i don't just have one dream, i have many dreams. So many dreams for what people could do in this world. when I think of everyone and everything in this universe, i feel insignificant...

My dream is for the USA (my country) to unite as one. To look beyond race and creed, to better understand and accept our differences. Let the world see how great we are now and in the future

I have a dream...That one day people will not be labeled by what they do that's bad but by what they do that is good. When someone does something bad the get labeled as some word that means...

I have a dream that their will be peace in the world.

My dream is to travel around the world with loved ones and friends.

My Dream is everyone to not get bullied and be treated fairly at school - Elijah (age 9)

i have a dream that everybody can love each other and not think about there color. or how they look or just because that is how god made then. Because i belive that everyone can be nice to each other...

My personal dream is to use all of my God-given gifts and talents to the best of my ability. I dream of success and to enrich the lives of the people around me. I also hope to see the day when all...

My dream is to see Africans & African Americans unite for the total development of Africa -Aaron

One day brother and sister will stop fighting and be nice once in while. [Alyiah]

To end poverty, child abuse, brutaity and war in the world.

i think we should continue Martin Luther King Jr.s speech

to show the joy of a Christ-filled spirit to a world who has lost faith in God.

I dream that me and my friend Jada are going to be best friends forever.

that everyone would share their toys. Iris

that society will acknowledge and see that LOVE is the greatest commandment of all. Yasmine