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Dreams: Friendship

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My dream is that bullying will stop forever!!! :)

People should look beyond the "Color" of your skin.... We are all in this together!!!

My dream is for everyone In the World to love one another to make this World Better

For all people to always be good to each other. For all people to be peaceful Sam

A Better Life 4 every one... Races, Nationalites Countries, Ganders

That our society will continue to bond together as Americans and That the racial divide will continue to diminish.

IMMEASURABLE love, Joy, compassion and equanimity for all living beings

To have everyone love each other the way God made them.

for all of ponyville to be happy

for every body to get along and help each other. Jordan

I dreamed that one day we as the teenagers coud all get alone with one another instead of fighting. We as teens should want to work together to support each other...

I have a dream about everyone in world are happy. I have a dream about not caring about color but care about friendship.

my dream is to dream of a dream and have a dream about a dream dreaming

.is that they all just behave themselves

for blacks and whites to get alone.

My dream is to stop all the killing robbing and to have a black woman president. Also to have nice communities and everybody to get along with each other.

My dream for our community is that we stay friendly to our neighbors and help them when they are in need because they might not have the things other people have.

To all our fellow Americans to get alone and available to work with each other {heart} in the work place

my dream is to be very successful in my career of going to college for nursing, cosmetology, and teaching.

for the black community to return to it's past SOLIDARITY