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that society will acknowledge and see that LOVE is the greatest commandment of all. Yasmine

My dream? Well I could only express a feeling,,something that came from a self-realization of who i am or whom I want to be as a person; I was only able to write it in a sort of prose poetry form: I...

.is that they all just behave themselves

IMMEASURABLE love, Joy, compassion and equanimity for all living beings

To have friends

I dream for world peace=)

i have a dream that everyone will work together get along put there difrences aside and become one in a brother and sister kinda way quite fighting each other become friends and find something...

A Better Life 4 every one... Races, Nationalites Countries, Ganders

my dream is to be a bakitball player in tne wrold

My dream for our community is we all be nice to each other.

My Dream is to bring peace between all Races and Religions. I want to end cruelty also. I hope every one gets along together. I Dream to stop wars as well!

My dream is to be sucessful bless and people and for my children to be remobling in their life.

that another 30 years will not have to go by before more racial changes are made. Our current and first Black President is hated for simply being a black man. This is very very sad. Wanda

to meet new people and become a team together! Ester Yi

I wish that blacks and Whites were equal to each other in a community. Although African American people have equal rights it does not change how people think. And there really is no way to stop...

My dream for Corbett Prep is that we can raise enough money to build a high school for all of the middle school students. Tyler

My Dream is heaven and Amgel with God and PEoplE.

that a cure for cancer will be found. that everyone will accept everyone else. That I will open my own African-American dance school.

My dream is to make everyone equal. Women and men. Whether you are gay or straight.

Be Whatever I Want And Put Martin's Dream To Use Especially Us Youth...