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Dreams: Friendship

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The right to work and be equal on all avenues, as I'm disabled and have never been treated as an equal to others that aren't.....

My dream for our world is to have peace because there will be no more fighting. Elise

To have friends

My dream is to help the homeless have a shelter.

I have a dream that the world will end violence :)

My dream is that no one will ever feel lonely again, and everyone will have a friend to rely on. Everyone would all have someone to have care for them, take care of them, and others.

O God, my God! Unite the hearts of Thy servants and reveal unto them Thy great purpose. May they follow Thy commandments and abide in Thy law...

My dream for our community is we all be nice to each other.

My dream is to see my old friends.

That all will come together and jion hand to hand

I HAVE A DREAM!!!! My dream is to End the War because it would make every one happy and it would make the family's that are suffering from the war...

My dream is to have the best job, life ,and family . When i grow-up .

to be a succesful and inspirational woman to my family and friends Aquarius

To all our fellow Americans to get alone and available to work with each other {heart} in the work place

I dream of a world where people treat each other with love, compassion, & respect; our days are filled with joy, laughter, health, & experation.

My Dream is for my kids to be treated fairly and with respect for who they are.


My dream is for the young people of America to embrace each other despite their differences. For teens to stand up to bullies and defend each other...

I dream that one day, the world can be at peace, and there will be no fighting or threats of bombs.

that all people will be nice, loveable and fair. It doesn't matter if we're black or white, we're one big family!