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My dream for our country is that people would be equal to all races and religions. I also hope that everyone would become friends regardless of difference, because everyone is different Garrett

to educate the youth on the important of education. Knowledge plus application equals power. Dr. King had a great vision not only for the black people but for all races. Let's start loving thy...

A world where man lives in peace with his fellow man and in harmony with nature

To make all Black people and white people be friends. [Justin] Pre-k 2012

To play basketball to be sucssefull in life to be loved and caring

world peace. racial harmony

to live in a place free of fear of racism and to be able to fullfill my professional goals and help many people in my life.

"1/15/2012" To continue to live and see a world that truly knows no color but will know the content of each persons character. To dream a dream that love prevails and every person wants to...

My dream is that same as God's. The God of the Bible. "It's not my will that any should perish but that all would come into the knowledge and power of Jesus Christ. Martha"...

Americans can live as though we are all one in same & children could never have to experience racism.

To educate my students about the struggle, so that we can continue to overcome all barriers knowledge is the key to success. I want all of my students to be very successful. Sincerely,

World Peace Love and Happiness Harmona

That no man or woman will suffer anymore. That God will bring an end to discrimination, sickness and death and we will all live in peace and everlasting happiness.

A world where everyone is treated fairly and equal. Color is embraced, not ignored because that is unreasonable to believe. And we all work together for the mutual benefit of one another

Unity not Division.

My dream is for World Peace. I dream of a world with no more war and blood shed.

My dream to eliminate racism Angela

We wish that all Races will live together better. T.M.

One day people all over the world will come to understand we all are God's children…we are one people...

To become a successful black journalist and give back to my university and my community. I also want to see the MLK monument.