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Dreams: Racial Integration

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to have & live in a society where equality is the norm-not a far-fetched idea; to see a day when even hidden or subtle racism is no more& peace with all men is part of everyday life.

Those few yet many, who loudly say "why?"; even when the majority says "why not"--and for my sons--Dusan and Christopher--to know that they can achieve everything they dream- Aisha...

"1/15/2012" To continue to live and see a world that truly knows no color but will know the content of each persons character...

World Peace Love and Happiness Harmona

For Black People to come together in Respect and Love.

Tyrel I have a Dream that Blacks & Whites People Will get alone better

My dream is that one day we will live in true equality where skin color does not matter. Where neither discrimination or reverse discrimination exist...

I Dream Black & Color Come Together

My dream is to see the whole of Africa giving their lives to Jesus and African Americans joining hand with the whole Africa

A world of peace and love, exhibiting to every living being the love and example of Jesus Christ...

That all children in urban communities will truly have a quality education and an equal chance to suceed in America.

Unity not Division.

to recreate the leadership inherent in the youth of the civil rights movement into young black males.

to prove my peers wrong and graduate with honors from Virginia Union Unv. And become a pastor.

My dream is that as an African American woman I will be judged for my gifts, intelligence, and talent FIRST, and no longer be stereotyped, and judged solely by my gender and skin color.

I have a dream.. That some day everyone will be judged on their character and not their color...

I wish that blacks and Whites were equal to each other in a community. Although African American people have equal rights it does not change how people think...

For black and white to care and share for each other.

start a nonprofit to empower female girls. Also, to see the world more love-filled. To be a better me. Psalms 138:8 Ebony

For Americans to transcend predatory attempts by political and media groups baiting them against each other...