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i dream that people wont hurt animals. that kids wont be abused. every body would be happier it would improve the econmy because the people wont be hurt nor animals.

Each child will have access to quality and free education and be able to support themselves in whatever endeavor they so desire.

for our government to return to the Constitutional Republic it was founded as where one's inalienable rights are secured #occupytogether...

To be able to look back on the decisions I've made in my life and unequivocably be able to say that I made a positive contributions In education reform, the criminal justice system and in the...

i have a dream that people will stop choping down forests.why?because the more forests you chop down the more plants, will you like it if a plant or animal comes in to your home and chop...

My dream for our country is for there to be a unanimously elected president again.

to eradicate the unjust suffering of African Americans across the globe.

My dream for our country is that it grows and crime rates go down because if there is no or little crime then our country would be a better place. Blake

To be presiden of the USA and be a fashion designer, and stop pullution, and recycle

That nobody will spend my future earnings today.

For children of color to be able to look at the whitehouse and see someone like them in the most prestigious office that a person in America can hold. Dream Accomplished!! Now on to the next one. The...

Keep our freedom with a limited government that promotes family values, religious freedom, and facilitates more racial harmony.

For global revolution; by workers. The direction King's politics were heading in before being assassinated...

My dream is that the actions this nation takes today, do not become the past that haunts it future.

To create a system for the incarcerated when they get out so that they can become effective citizens

My dream for our country is to give jobs to the homeless so they can survive and feed their family if they have one. Elise

Peace and democracy in the middle east

That the men and woman in Congress will grow up, treat each other and the President with respect, and learn to play in the same sand box together.

I have a dream….for all people to look in the mirror and believe in his or her self. To believe in a dream of equality and ending violence with peace among people around the world, to think of others...

For equality in education, economic wealth, healthcare and housing to truly come to function as Dr.King had wanted. The battle is still being fought. We are still not free!