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Dreams: Improve Government

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90% of all American to Vote 95% of all AA to vote

my dream is to be a motivational speaker in Chase and other areas of our country to help build healthy thinking, emotional and mental balance to not only help Chase build their goals but to help indiv...

The right to work and be equal on all avenues, as I'm disabled and have never been treated as an equal to others that aren't.....

For all people in the WORLD to live in PEACE.

That the men and woman in Congress will grow up, treat each other and the President with respect, and learn to play in the same sand box together.

Free healthcare!!

Health care equality Fair and equitable legal system Support and quality education Peace - The END of WAR

To have my eye sight back and for immigration reform.

Legalization for the undocumented

For there to be end of the division of races, and for the people of America to give the presidents (future and present) of the United State more credit and support, being that their position is so val...

To know that one day this project will benefit countless generations no that MLK's true legacy will be realized. I am proud of you for and MLK count staff! MA

My dream for Corbett Prep is that we can raise enough money to build a high school for all of the middle school students. Tyler

The president Barack Obama continues to lead with fire and wins in 2012

To earn my MD or PHD and to become a surgeon who works in poverty stricken countries working with governments and locals to set up effective health care systems.

Physical Health in my family, piece for all in the world and President Obama would be elected for a 2nd term.

That the citizens of the United States of America will lead the world a love revolution...

We realize Dr. King's dream. But, first, greed, wrath, torture, war…must cease to be. "Anarchism" will bring the dream

To spread the freedom and ideals of America, the best country in the world, to as many people as possible. For Barack Obama to have a 2nd term as President of USA Thank You!

To be presiden of the USA and be a fashion designer, and stop pullution, and recycle