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Dreams: Sports

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My dream is to win first place at worlds and, NCA! DOnt quIT

My Dream is to become a professional Basketball player for the Lakers

my dream is to become a world's best Runner and hurdler

My Dream is to Be a proskater or a Basket Ball player but Also to prevent the government from taking peoples money and to start my own skateboarding park and shop. Caliph

My dream is to be the best football player and to help people that need really good help.

To be a better a basketball player

To become a the most famous WWE superstar like Hulk Holgan and John Cena.

To sing and dance and make more money.

for the Knicks to win the NBA championship

I have a dream that one day I will be as good as Sam Willoughby in BMX!!! Logan

my dream is to be a better person and for my mom and my tina to be rich and happy

My dream is to one day be a well-known, well-respected, professional athlete. I also want to be the guy that all the players like to hang out with.

My dream is to become a professional football player. To also get wealthy to help the community & to make the world a better place

I have a dream that BYU football will win another National Title.

My dream is to become a Professional football player

My dream for our country is to allow the 14 year old boaters license allow you to buy a jet ski.

i have a dream that all people with special needs are allowed play sports

for one not to go back into hard times. Like it was in Martin Luther King Jr.'s days. My dream is to be an football., and basketball player and become famous. Have my own shoes and church...

my dream is to succeed in foot ball

My dream is that the violence that has been going on within our own country will end! And that the Yankees win the 2013 World Series!