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Dreams: Sports

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I have a dream that one day football players will be safe when they play football. Football is supposed to be a fun sport, not a sport where people get hurt.

I have a dream that when I player soccer I want to all my friends play with me then I will be a professional player of soccer but first I will go to college to get new friends. When I grow up I want...

To Be an foot Ball Player, and be very famous.

To be a better a basketball player

My dream is to be a famous basketball player and be the best that ever lived.

my dream is to be a better person and for my mom and my tina to be rich and happy

my dream is to be a Knicks player

To be a famous football reciever like Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Roddy White and Juilo Jones.

I have a dream that BYU football will win another National Title.

My dream is that god will help me to become a WWE superstar.

I have a dream that when I grow up I will be the best baseball player in the MLB.I will do a fund raiser called the "Hit for Cancer". This fund raiser is for the people who have cancer...

my dream is to be point guard for duke blue devils and have a good scholorship most of all I want to graduated from tarboro high and go to duke unversesity and be in the NBA and stop anmial abuse by:...

My Dream Is To Play Volleyball In The Olympics

i have a dream that all people with special needs are allowed play sports

To start a little league in the poorest city in America Camden N.J.

My dream is to become a Professional football player

I have a dream to get into Syracuse University and be the goalie of the Syracuse Men's Lacrosse team...

I have a dream that when I grow up I will be a professional soccer player on the big leagues. and I will make my country to be famous country. And I will help the poor people.

My dream is to inagrate foot ball teaams so that girls can play

Rodney My dream is to be a sucessful sucesful Football Player For the NFL (National Football League) I want to go to college have an 4.0 grade point avg.