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my dream is to succeed in foot ball

i have a dream that all people with special needs are allowed play sports

To be a basketball player.

My dream is to inagrate foot ball teaams so that girls can play

My Dream is to one day be a NFL star & own my own resturant & to be a father of two boys.

To Be an foot Ball Player, and be very famous.

i dream to end world hunger! i dream that all will get proper health! i dream that schools will bring religion back to schools! i dream Alabama will win more national championships! i dream that the...

to become a football player get a super bowl ring and last make my own shoe call chaz

My Dream is to Be a proskater or a Basket Ball player but Also to prevent the government from taking peoples money and to start my own skateboarding park and shop. Caliph

To start a little league in the poorest city in America Camden N.J.

My dream is that god will help me to become a WWE superstar.

To become a football player

I have a dream to become a NBA player becuase I really want to play hard. When I become a NBA player I have to be really good and play hard. Once I am in the NBA I can give out charity.

to become an MLB player

for the Knicks to win the NBA championship

To become an IronMan -Triathelet..

My dream for our country is to allow the 14 year old boaters license allow you to buy a jet ski.

My dream is to become a professional basketball player but i also want to become a vet. because i love animals and i want to help them.

My dream is to one day be a well-known, well-respected, professional athlete. I also want to be the guy that all the players like to hang out with.

I have a dream that old football players will be able to go to a older football legea so they would'it get hurt bad and they will take there time...