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My dream is that my children grow up to be wonderful mens. I want them to be successful, humble. I want them to the best that they can be. I want them to shine.

I have a dream so that we can communicate with animals.

My dream is that people would be treated equally.

for there to be no hatred, lies or evil in the world. For everyone to have all their needs met. For no one to go hungry. My personal dream is to be happy. 13th January '12

My dream for are world is that no one had to be scared; we could live in a place where you would not haft to lock your doors at night.

I have a dream to keep the world at peace and foreveryone to get along with each other and have a peaceful life.

Aaliyah I get a good escasion

My dream is that we have more women activating restoration ministry And I will be more activating in the ministry in the Church and my Coummity In the name of Jesus, Sister Alice

That all people in the world could have a shelter and food. Janae.

To write a song that shares the beautiful spirit Dr. King presented through his life of devotion to others. Edward

My dream is to influence others to be as great as MLK was. I want to teach others that anyone can make a difference.

My dream for our world is to end war and get more freedom. Austin

To live in a society liberated from these restraints holding back our minds body and soul. Gabriel

I have a dream that we will treat educators better in our country.

I want to stopkilling 30318

My dream is that racism will end :)

I have a dream that one day people would not be judged by the color of their skin...

My dream for our community is a healthy enviroment so that the people after us can enjoy a healthy world.

My Dream is that the Dream lives on and I am proud that my firm JP Morgan is a part of that Dream

I hope to instill in my students a desire to learn and a drive to succeed.