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My dream for the wourld is peace. Everyone would be happier at least 70% percent of the time if there wern't a war between countries, a fight between a family, or a argument between friends. -...

for peace, acceptance, and tolerance throughout the World. I dream of a world where my son and granddaughter will realize their dreams and be a catalyst for others.

my dream is to make music and write books that are both entertaining and spiritually uplifting.

Tyanna- My dream is to go see Mr. Butler and to see my friend Kylee

to become a teacher and great leader Samara B

world peace!

To travel to distant places.

to finish school & to be the first one in my generation to finish college. also to be a great responsible parent to my daughter :)

to become a ski instructor and help young kids all around the world learn to ski.

My dream is to live happily ever after...

to be a millionare and to change the world so that hungry people can be less hungry and homeless people can have a home [Deja]

As Americans, that we all have the same opportunities, and that we live as one.

My dream is that all girls and women of color will accept and embrace their natural beauty according to their own standards. Then encourage and inspire others to do the same.

to be a president Leon

To be a great example to my grandchildren and other children that I have contract with. A great attitude goes a long way! Be patient and enjoy life!

Something I learn from my customers everyday...... "We are all angels, but with one wing....If we would just embrace one another we could fly"......

Amber: When I grow up I want to go to heaven and protect God and Jesus

my dream is to have a lot of money for my wife, myself and my famly also a masters and my doctors decee

to Be Pro BasketBall player

To be able to live in a world that's fair, free of greed, jealousy and hatred...