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My dream is to meet Mindless Behavior and Jaden Smith and Justin Beiber

My dream is for everyone in this world to be treated equally. Another dream I have for everyone in this world to have peace, love and harmony. Stop All Wars.

My dream for our community is for everyone to be happy. If everyone in one community was happy, even the world could become a better place.

To Find Myself

My dream is one day to travel to every continent. I want be able to visit multiple cultures and see their traditions. I plan to do this after college.

To allow all undocumented immigrants to live without the fear of being deported, separated from their families. To one day soon have immigration reform that will allow them to live free.

I have a dream that one day I will become an NBA player. And with the money I get, I will help Africa be a better place. And I will help my family. And I will help my friends too...

That our next generation do not know the meaning of racism. [Orlando]

My Dream is to one day be a principal of a highschool, and impact the lives of thousands of young-black men. -Tracey

My dream for our community is that everyone will be kind to other people and animals. Ben

For my son Adrien Alexander to do very well in high school in Gainsville, Va. Make sure you get at least a 3.0 grade average to make your dad proud!!! :)

To see all colors and nationalities greeting each other all over the world, with love, everyone!!

to help the movement of anti-poverty in our nation. Specifically, my dream is to work to eliminate homelessness in our time. We can do this and with leaders like MLK Jr...

to find a way for my while grandfather to finally accept ive as family and actually have a relationship with me.

I have a dream that every boy and girl in the country can go to any school or anywhere they want

Knowing, as a single mom, of a male child, that he will not let ANYONE tell him how far he can go in the chosen path God already has for him. Not to be "scurred!" of his destiny!

To bay 500 oranges and share one to each person so everyone in the world will get one.

that God's Grace & Mercy will continue to prevail in the lives of ATL!! :)

To raise my son in a world of global interdependence which makes war not an option leaving only neighborly cooperation.

to help someone in my life. to sing to who want music or song to sing for them