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A World Of Peace Without Borders And Without Hate

Martin has a alive

A world economy that meets the needs of despair among all people. And a time when love is in the hearts of all the worlds people -Terry 06-11-60

My dream is to be successful in life and have a family

For world peace and as human beings we can respect the value one another

My dream is to become a surgeon

I pray that the world will look to our Lord above to help solve our problems. I pray that our nations wars cease and peace and love amongst all mankind is forever more. Someday that day will become a...

My dream is that all people work together for a world filled with respect, admiration, love and civility for all people of the world.

That I all love people more

My dream is that the people of the world will realize that economic life based on growth is unsustainable and will agree to slave equitable and sustainable the planet's resources...

to become one of the most influential vocalist/guitarist in one of the most most prominent rock bond of my generation: I have a dream them that on day... all of my dreams will become true.

That my children have true access and opportunity to obtain the American Dream

Betty my dream is to live longer and my family will unite in happiness together

world where poverty becomes a thing of the past

for everyone to come together and stop bullies.

Dr King's belief that life can be lived with non-violence with would be practiced in Romania and throughout Eastern Europe...

to help Africa with their education!

My dream is that one day Dr. King's dream can one day be acheived. That one day we can live in a world without racial discrimnation . That one day people of all races can stand side by side and...

to go to college in Florida and become a pediatrician. Breunna

( Makayla)My Drean in life is to join the medical career to become a RN,after i become a RN i would like to join acting and singing career, i do more singing than acting i actually think im a pretty...