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the human race will love with grace and mercy.

*For World Peace-

My dream is for all peoples to live in safety, with love and compassion for one another and to help save our beautiful earth. That all people should help those less fortunate, give to their...

i wish to travel the world and see different types of cultures

My dream would be that people who are shut ins would have their need'd met IE: Wheelchair's, Handicapped vehicle's etc. So that they could do thing's 'most of society takes...

My dream for my country is to have all the debt paid off.

To be the best husband to my wife Anna, and father to my children Michael Jr. and Sarah. GOD BLESS!

To help people in need by building houses, schools, and donate money.

Me and my mom was at our own houses.

T be a model and a pediatrian

For Dr. Martin luther King Jr. to be alive and for everyone to thank him for what he did!

My dream is to become an international lawyer and economist in order to Be influential in the forward development of Africa and all oppressed peoples... gnima

My dream is the idea of friendship and happiness between everyone in our world without hatred and judgmental feelings that might hurt others including yourself. The idea of living with no violence...

i have a dream that all specila needs children/adults wil be treated equally as people hat dint have anything wrong with them

my dream is to stop bullying

To work in the White House library as a reference librarian under the Obama administration :)

Equal Opportunities for all! World acceptance and tolerance! :)

to fly with no restrictions; explore with no destination; live with freedom, justice and peace; To dream for my future and make a change.

I have a dream that one day we will listen first before speaking, look at instead of look away, seek first to understand than to be understood, and act for the greater good of all, not just our own...

Hatred is conquered [Mauree]