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That there will be no more war -Robert

I dram that one day people allow and accept me love me for me...

My dream for our country is for everyone to become detached from materialism because then we can all become more spiritual beings. Jackson

My dream is to meet Mindless Behavior and Jaden Smith and Justin Beiber

The dream that one day will come true is that there would be world peace and that world be a better place for everyone...

To touch and change the lives of people who have thought people don't care. To be a sense of light and encouragement to all that looks and aim for the good in life. Love-Live-Laugh-Learn

for all people with special needs to furfill the dreams

My dream is to be bigger than society makes us out to be.

One day, African Americans will realize and understand the greatness in our ancestry. that we will someday live in a world that is color-blind but prideful in heritage.

Our dream is to create a shared vision for a charter school that embodies Dr. King's ideal that "... intelligence is not enough...

I dream about going back in time. To undue my life outside of my two sons. To see how my parents would be like. Better or worse.

To "fully" walk in God's will for my life!

$1 B company! -joy + peace every day -the good life for me + my family

That color stop playing such a unnecessary role in our everyday lives. That unity need explanation to our young children in schools instead showing a everyday example of unity...

love and peace is the best thing. My dream is to become a police.

To become the best that I can be. To be a leader and understand the right path to take depend on myself

To play basketball to be sucssefull in life to be loved and caring

to become move 2 move compassionate toward my Faith and community. I pray that our savior give me the more words of ministry. I want to become a Pastor again. (Thank you Lord)

To be God first in my Life and for a more diverse workplace at all levels within the Federal Government.

To see my children enter a world far better than mine.