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That everyone will be good. -Kennedi

my dream is to be a bakitball player in tne wrold

To become a vet. That takes care of animales in the wild.

My dream is to become a successful pastry chef and donate money to kids with disabilites

I dream is I want to be a teacher and a doctor I want to help people.

A better world

To be a truck driver Azariah

MY dream is that we can STOP world hunger

To be rich so that I can build buildings for the homeless people to live. Derek

My dream is to become a quarterback for the Washington Redskins and get number 10 like my favorite quarterback Robert Griffen,III . Most of all, I want to graduate from Tarboro High and go to UNC for...

be happy

to graduate from Virginia Union with honors. Upon graduating, attending medical school to obtain a medical degree :)

for everyone to come together and stop bullies.

My dream is to end all fatal illnesses.

To change the way I live.

My Dream is that one day my brothers & sisters Will understand & accept God's calling of the female gender 03Dec11 Minister Allie...

To Be Happy! :)

My dream is for there to be peace all around the world. For there to be no war, no poachers, no poor people, and an endless supply of money for me. I also wish there was freedom for all.

Our class dream is ....try to end gun violence, be kinder to Mother Earth, end bullying, promote equality in education, respect everyone, and put others' needs in front of our own...

To continue my college studies and for the USA to become united with other countries. Teresa