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My dream is to put God first in everything I do. Never give up or loose faith. Be the best I can be always - a better mother; daughter; sister; wife; friend and mentor.

To become a lawyer. After I've made enough money, I will own a resturant or clothing store. Before I will become a lawer I will go to eigther Columbia, Harvard, Prinstien, or Yail for collage...

I have a dream that one day we will be able to end violence and strive for world peace. Their are too many unexpected shootings and mass murders of innocent people. A certain amount of years ago it...

To help others and make someone's day bright - every day...

To one day become a successful dentist and graduate college.

Martin is a great person but my dream is He is an a Angel

A world where access to education s all available to all.

to go to college in Florida and become a pediatrician. Breunna

To go to Africa and help children learn and give them a better education

For everybody to have a nice home and live happy. Arianna.

My dream is to help others find the peace and love they need to live a life of happiness. Hannah

To educate and mentor every individual who crosses my path and assist them in reaching their fullest potential

That All My friends family and random people of the world will be more aware and respectful of all those who have passed away for us and thos who have kilt theirself. And I hope every 1 has a long...

To graduate from high school and attend Furman University

My dream is world peace and love and harmony

that unconditional love for one another will flow from heart to heart and breast to breast.

to stay sober and be the best son, father, grandfathe, and husband I can be. Thru God I Know I can be this 1-15-12 HJF

that all would experience the love of Jesus Christ that overcomes all hate, division, brokeness, love that restores, revives, and renews all things. The same reason MLK jr. fought.

50 years MLK Day celebration: KKK Threat saddens my heart. They're marching I'm still dealing with racism, unfair education system and violations of injustices. 50 years later, there is...

My dream is to travel around the world and help people, especially girls, go to school, learn to read and stay healthy. I would like to be in the Olympics for figure skating.