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My dream is about they should be treated as equal as real people. Personelly I love amimals and they love me back. This is why I picked this topic to wright about.-Matthew

My dream for our country is that people would be equal to all races and religions. I also hope that everyone would become friends regardless of difference, because everyone is different Garrett

Global militia dissolution within my lifetime

I dream of world peace, and that one day no one will die from starvation because we have enough food on this planet to feed every human being...

To impact the lives of others and spread knowledge to other generations to come.

My dream is that we can stop the unnecessary fighting around the world.

My Dream Is to give the poor homeless Kids In my community hope. I want to change the mindset of my people like Martin Luther King Jr. did...

For gay marriage to to allowed everywhere and that everyone accepts their sexual orientation.

That everyone will be good. -Kennedi

For all people and animals alike, may everyone unite to end hunger, abuse, pain and promote love, respect, equality and freedom.

Our dream is to avoid ignorance, to do the right thing, because you know ignorance is not really you, you may be setting a bad example...

It continues to be my heartfelt wish that ALL persons can happily respect the equality of others to live their lives in peace and love.

to stop all violence all around the world and that everyone in this world will stop doing bad things to people Juliana

My Dream is to create peace and love

I want world peace and the world to be a better place. -Zaria

Become Cameroonian's first woman president. :)

to become a lawyer then go back to law school and become a judge on my own TV show.

To make a difference in the world even if it is to only one person in my life. [Marcos]

Peace for the people of the United States and the World so the children will be happy.

to have a world of people who are committed to love themselves and each other unconditionally and universally. I know my dream begins with me Sherrey