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I hope some day all Americans have an equal opportunity to participate in our democracy together and achieve their dreams.

I dream for each of us to find a way to love and respect one and another, no matter the differences and experience that define us.

I have a dream that dreams will no longer be viewed as things separate from man's day-today existence, but as necessary as the air he breathes and the water he drinks.

My dream is to be a pro wrestler. [Min Soo Kim}

I thank God that in my life time - the dream of MLK is coming to fruition...

I unicorns and bunnies a pony -Leighton

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."

To end my life as a mighty man of valor Anyone can start to do so, but the race is for me that endureth to the end. I dream to become as prolific. and impactful as the late great Dr. King...

My dream is to become a famous actress and raise money for cancer and diabetes and other desises. If we deserve the chance to live healthy and safe life, why can't we all?

For the Mets to win the World Series a third time.

For Austin, Moriati, and Naomi reach their full potential and continue to make their Aunty proud! Change the world!

My dream is to have an end to fear. I don't want anyone to be afraid to go to certain neighborhoods because of violence...

I wish my mom would stop hating me so much. I wish she wouldn't try to change me and my choice of friends as much and trying to turn me into something I am not...

to be a great dad and influence as many as I can at the importance and influence of doing so.

My dream is to make it through school. Live as happily as I can and love with my heart.

to finish school & to be the first one in my generation to finish college. also to be a great responsible parent to my daughter :)

My dream is to eliminate world hunger. Not only in poor countries but the entire world. -Catherine

Peace and vater - Standing between all. less anger. more calm.

My dream is Basketball

My dream is for everyone to help save the environment so future generations can enjoy earth's beauty.