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My dream is for the world to continue trying to be a better place for everyone in it the way MLK left it.

To be healthy, happy comfortable and to see children happy, and worry free and someday to see a peaceful world.

I have a dream to become a NBA player becuase I really want to play hard. When I become a NBA player I have to be really good and play hard. Once I am in the NBA I can give out charity.

I dream of my company event source becoming a fortune 500 company. Ashley

to have a room full of the things I like, and I can give people my gifts and praises of god. because I love god. And he is my savior, and he help and blesses people. Sincerely, Carey

Dr. King’s Dream: An Ethiopian’s Perspective By Tewodros Abebe Although I was familiar with the name Martin Luther King Jr...

I have a dream that the world will be a place of harmony where everyone will have each other's back and that we are all one united, happy family.

I have a dream that Gods plans for me will work out.

to stay healthy keep my current weight off and maintain goal. Also I hope to retire in Aug 2013 from GCPS and to become a full time drug counselor for youths

That one day all individuals will be looked upon as human beings; color not being important

To be rich and have kids and be happy married.

My dream is that the world will embrace Dr. King's dream and that someday we will all live in peace.

My dream is that one day, people begin loving one another for who they are instead of hating them because of the color of their skin...


for peace and justice. Olivia

To be a dream-maker.

I dream of a more peaceful world where the use of arms is a resort that no nation or group is willing to entertain. There's power in communication.

That one day all races will truly be able to work hand in hand as brothers and sisters. and to treat each other with respect. to love each other with agape love as God has commanded us too.

for the black community to return to it's past SOLIDARITY

for everyone to understand what Dr. King wanted for everyone.