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to become a writer.

my dream is to be the best I am and be a happy person

my dream is to be a position to help others. B.K.T.

Live in a community of people who love, not hate- who help, not hinder who work with each other to help achieve the beloved community.

My dream is when the climax of human history takes places and every tear is wiped away, our understanding of the world's events are not only seen as justified but we are thankful they happened...

My dream is to help others improve thier education, help end hunger, and want people to love no matter what race and color.I hope my dream wil come true no matter what.

My dream is for everyone in the world to be happy!

To be able to live the way I "ought to" instead of "The way it is"...

i dream that one day everyone will love each other as they love themselves.

is to use my talents and energy to spread hope and confidence in all the lives I touch. I especially want the young people I see every day to live inspiring lives of contribution, purpose, and...

That nobody will spend my future earnings today.

My dream is to be a fund manager. I want to help people with their money [Kim]

My Dream is to be a Cartooest.

To see the manifestation of Dr. King's dream actualized around the World...

to help the poor in need and to help sick people.

To Keep Dr. Kings dream alive.

I have a dream that the world will end violence :)

My dream is to help the homeless have a shelter.

To be able to Communicate with my Daughters freely and openly without Language baRRieRs and rectifying past misperceptions

That I will combine engineering with biology and revolutionize the prostetics field, and become the next Albert Einstein.