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To service people through out the community and do God's will. [SFC]

My dream is to be a famous basketball player and be the best that ever lived.

To own a center for students in need of tutoring to read! Sharon

A dream of mine is to bring all of my family together. Every family reunion I hope we grow closer together. Our family does not speak much to each other. I hope we can become more social..

A world where we Accept and give to others in a meaningful way through our words, deeds & thoughts. live long enough to see our country and all its inhabitants finally blend as a "people" and actualize the full promise and convenant of the American ideal.

My dream is for the beloved community that my [illegible]

I have a Dream that my son will one day Live in a world free from poverty and Racial tention S. Blake

To help people with problem that they are dealing with. Help the poor and showing them love that God did for me.

For equality unfortunately in 2011 we still have a long way to go.

my dream is to have a good life ahead of me.

That every child around the world will have open access to quality education. This quality education would include MLK philosophy, views, words and inspiration and be part of the curriculum.

i wish no people shoot guns

For world peace and the transformation of our country in the spirit of Dr. King [Sue]

To be mercyful and gracious to those around me and making a diffrence by serving my neighbors [L.M.]

Love and respect others

Love and Happiness

That we leave this world in a better place than it is today. I hope that we honor each other and the earth so our children only know peace.

My dream is to be an architech! I would love to desing houses as a living. AND I want to be super rich. Mckenne

For there to be no Wars.