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to create a smarter sustainable healthcare system in America as well as globally.


My dream is that the violence that has been going on within our own country will end! And that the Yankees win the 2013 World Series!

I wish Martin Luther King was still alive [Tierra]

To inspire as many young black men and women that everyone is born with "greatness", and to encourage them to share their "greatness" with the world!...

My dream is for the Continuation and futher development of Equality. MLK Jr has paved the way for us. He is appreciated greatly.

to end human suffering and leave no man, woman or child hungry. That all people have the freedom to roam freely and express their opinions with no fear of persecution.

My Dream is to be a soccer player

My Dream is to lieht to pteand onh Ovcainst

My dream is to have all nations to come together as one and help stop conflicts between other countries

to be a football player

My dream is to have our society value spiritual, and intellectual achievements as much as we value beauty and worldly possessions.

For everyone to have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

My dream is for everyone to live by the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King's dream for everyone to be treated equal regardless of color. I also dream for world peace and to end poverty...

My dream is that every Mexican gets papers.

My dream is to learn about more things.

that every person be given an opportunity to experience every culture on the face of the earth. Henry

my dream is to live a Christian life to be love and give love and to thank God for his many blessings

Everyone treated equally, with no race or religion issue, throughout the whole world. (Personal dream, is that, i want to own an expensive sports car.)

To become the woman that my father, Johnny B Crawford of Houston, Texas and Dr. King would expect. To serve humanity and help others to become their best! [Rhonda]