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I thank God that in my life time - the dream of MLK is coming to fruition. We as a people of color are experiencing "some" Merit of appreciation and acknowledgement that is based on our...

To have everyone love and forgive one another

To assist the world to reduce significantly 1. Poverty 2. Prejudice 3. Greed 4. Ignorance, and 5. Abuse [Ken]

start a nonprofit to empower female girls. Also, to see the world more love-filled. To be a better me. Psalms 138:8 Ebony

That we would learn to love each other as God loves us all, unconditionally; and seek to rid our hearts of the fears that keep us from being a true Global sisterhood and brotherhood [Bernice A. King]

To help those who were impacted by Hurricane Sandy!

World peace, better economy. Retired before Age of 40. My baby girl with a joyful happy life.

i think we should continue Martin Luther King Jr.s speech

To people that are in need.

for all mankind to know the Lord

Become a teacher for Richmond Public School for High School History. Me start my own scholarship


That All My friends family and random people of the world will be more aware and respectful of all those who have passed away for us and thos who have kilt theirself. And I hope every 1 has a long...

My dream is that all the war will stop and that the world will have peace!!!!!! :)

To be the best mother and motivative woman God allows me to be. Jackie

To be a successful business woman and take care of my family.

to become a school Board member in my state. I would like help change way our state leaders look at Education for Sp. Ed.

I want to be happy and actually live a real life.

i have a dream that everyone will get alone stop all the bulling and fighing and work together i have a dream that everyone wiil move on to there future with out any distraction i have a dream that...

I have a dream that one day people wouldn't be racist. They would all just be friends...