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My dream is that one day Dr. King's dream can one day be acheived. That one day we can live in a world without racial discrimnation . That one day people of all races can stand side by side and...

For all people to be safe

My Dream is that I was rish

My dream is that we will live in a world where we aren't seen as just by our race or religion or sexuality, but we are accepted and judged by who we are and how we act...

To reach my highest level of potential, to make my family proud and continue to be a hard-working, dedicated woman!

to go to college and Get Goods Job, and Be a Engianer.

My dream for our world is that everyone will be kind to each other because they need to get along with each other in order to stay in one piece.

my dream is to become famous and be a policeman

To be the best entertainer I can possible be! -Knerd/Chelsey

1) Salvation for all 2) Love all people 3) Stop abuse animals and people 4) Fruits of the spirit 5) Respect 6) Learn African history

To make Dr. Kings example a blueprint of how I would live life and how I treat people of the world.

For politics to become an honorable present again.

My dream is to be a great teacher and to be a great leader that will never be forgotten.

A world where all Races, Religions, and ethnicities can live as brothers, sisters, and elders without predetermining conditions based on underlying differences of Races, Religions, and ethnicities.

To make peacemakers of our inner city youth and organize million youth march for peace.

People will cease being sheep and engage in hard solid thinking independent of partisan thought leaders and religious figure heads [SMM]

Health and happiness for my family.

I dream of a world where "news" actually includes good news; where everyone cares for the most vulnerable among us; & where LOVE WINS. *PEACE WILL PREVAIL*...

My dream is to produce films and poems which penetrate the hearts of dreamers eternally. [Fredric]

no wars Benjamin