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I want everyone to be seen as EQUAL. I have a dream to make my parents proud when I grow up and for my parents to be able to say "that's my boy!"

To educate women in Ghana West Africa about prenatal care, healthy habits for their babies, I want to increase women and children rights across the continent of Africa

To grow up and be a educated woman. To love others as they love me [Aerieal]

speak well English I from Korea, so we don't have any chance to English so I want to speak well English [Jerry]

that one day there will be no one who is lonely in this world, but that everyone will come together as brothers and sisters and support one another.

to graduate high school and college :)

My dream is although we will not always agree with one another, respecting another person's view point would go a long way in making the world a safer place with less discord in our daily lives...

Global militia dissolution within my lifetime

Food, housing, safety, joy for all people in the world.

I have a dream to become President

My dream is to finish college and pursue a career in helping to solve social problems in many adolescents.

Live peacefully

To become a better mother to my kids and treat others as I want to be treated -T. Pron

what's happened with the dream of Dr. King? My dream is his dream. A world free of violent. I'm German born after WW2. I was learnt to keep peace in our hearts in mind and action...

My dream is that kids can vote Amen

Candace to make the world more safer and peaceful and cleaner

Is to be a vet. to take care of animals [Chloe]

True equality among all races.

I have a dream that the leaders of our country make better decisions on behalf of the American people. Do away with corporate GREED, and for goodness sake LESS TAXES

I have a dream for our world that everybody will not fight the world will not have wars and have world peace. geordie