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my dream is that is ever both is nice to each other Jada

My dream is for the whole world to have freedom and people helping other skinned people -RJ

One - Love One - People

Having a safe environment for african-americans and to participate in the world economy so we cant no longer be behind

One day stop adolescent violence of murders and robbery

My dream is to find happiness

My dream is to the best dad and father in the world...and be very successful [Brian]

I dream that my son will grow up happy, healthy and in a world where the differences of our national backgrounds doesn't divide us but rather binds us as unique individuals bringing unique...

that everyone gets what they deserve and ha a good life.

My dream is that the world will embrace Dr. King's dream and that someday we will all live in peace...

i have a dream that people will stop choping down forests.why?because the more forests you chop down the more plants, will you like it if a plant or animal comes in to your home and chop...

That the execution of Troy Davis will lead to the endin of the Death penalty in the U.S.

to help our African American children get the right education they need and learn there history and how blessed they are.

To do good in school.

for every child globally to know that they have the ability to become whatever they want to with the goal of bettering humanity.

My dream is for Sunday morning to no longer be the most segregated our of the day.

I have a dream that all human beings find freedom from suffering, labels and stigma. I have a dream that we can all heal tougher as we see ourselves in each other's faces and determine that none...

to live a successful and fulfilling life. To make everyone around me happy my dream is to live up to my potential and live the great life I can achieve

My dream is for GOD's people, children of Abraham to come together in unity...

for fairness and justice to dominate and prevail in all countries across the world.