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All children will have access to a quality education regardless of their economic disposition Huge gaps in education continue to plague our society.

World Peace, equality, and justice for the human race

For my family to love each other again. For this I pray in Jesus name Amen.

Is to inspire and touch as many people as I can. Through the eyes of "God." People, love and Equality is my dream. "Linda"...

To have everyone love each other the way God made them.

my dream is to be an pro boxer also my dream is for everyone is to be equal in life...

my dream is to... let the poor have a better life.

to help children in africa, and start a charity. Martin Luther King Jr. inspires me because he changed the way certain people live.

We all Live in Peace

My dream is for everyone to be able to grow up and get a good education.

Know Thyself

i have a dream that people will stop choping down forests.why?because the more forests you chop down the more plants, will you like it if a plant or animal comes in to your home and chop...

Be a great Dad

My dream is that my grandsons, who lost their father in May of 2012 to suicide will have a dream and accomplish that dream. My dream is that mental issues around the world will be taken seriously and...

that all people of the USA live up to the dream of Dr. King in each and every way.

That one day all children in this country will have the chance to get an excellent education

To be a writer & an activist for a cause I am passionate about

My dream is for world peace!!!!

My dream is too meet Harry Styles!!!

Trust in the God and remember there is no failure in God, Step out on failure. God will continue to see you through Keep on look up to dream.