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My dream is the dream that Dr. King so eloquently proclaimed in his speech after the March on Washington, August 28, 1963: "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a...

To go to college and graduate to change the world

to educate African American children about themselves and open up my own school.

To run my own career!

I live for today with hope for tomorrow and love for yesterday.

My dream for my country is for people to not steel from people because there are bad people in the world

To save own youth from the violence of this world and teach them to operate in God's destiny/will for their life...

That the US as it become increasingly diverse, better educate and provide more equitable opportunities for advancement and with that we cultivate a more robust middle class.

My dream is to become a famous rapper and bring rap back to it's former glory, and send some of the money to charity to stop world hunger and get my Business Degree. I'll do my hardest to...

Happy love helath and respect economi

My dream is to write a book that will inspire people all around the world.

to have a world of people who are committed to love themselves and each other unconditionally and universally. I know my dream begins with me Sherrey

I dream of peace around the world & more tolerence for the differences of others. Peace & love

Foeva Free! 100 Nephew

to see martin luther King gives a speech. My wish is to carry out Martin Luther Kings Dream Jasmine D.O.B. 05/07/2004

To have peace in the world

I have a dream that one day I will famous and a dream that my mom will be OK. She's alive but not in Atlanta, GA. Cheir D...

earn my PhD in Industrial & Organizational Psychology by 2014

My dream for our world is that everyone will be kind to each other because they need to get along with each other in order to stay in one piece.

I want to encourage others they are who they are and they dont have to act like someone else