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My Dream is for there to be a great awakening of the souls of our people young and old. For the return of righteousness to be the glory that it is...

To end world hunger.

My dream is to become a professional football player in the NFL. God willing, when I make it, I willing, when I make it, I will give to all of those that are less fortunate.


My Dream is to be a good painter & dentist

To change the lives of people in our community by learning proper health he lits and dicipline. Also, to teach and spread to revolution of [Illegible] Chui Kwang Do all ever the world!...

to excel in as many areas as possible and use what I learn in school and apply it to my future career

to witness modern slavery end. #Human Trafficking

To make a difference & to inspire others to come together across opposing ideas. My dream is to be a part of the shored solution. Rubin.

One day that everyone can be treated equal. Also have a peaceful mind and place [Monique]

My dream is too see everyone unite under one banner to help all those across every country progress..

I have a dream to be a postitive influence in children's lives, and to make the world aware and proactive in addressing Some of the issues that African descendants face!

That all youth, men & women will have power & Anointing from God to change their circumstances and world Around them for the Better!...

to help all youth be able to attend college to receive a higher level of education

My Dream is to go to college and get a good job.

My dream would be that people who are shut ins would have their need'd met IE: Wheelchair's, Handicapped vehicle's etc...

to peple walk

My dream to eliminate racism Angela

i have a dream that one day i will become a famous pop singer and my music will change people lifes for the better i want to work with nicki minaj and rihanna

I want to see Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.