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to have two degree before the of 25

to see my daughter accomplish her dreams. To own my own business. and to have enough money to buy a house when i retire and live comfortable.

i have a dreeam that all people get along so the world could have a better chance at a future

my dream is to live a Christian life to be love and give love and to thank God for his many blessings

To have peace on earth for all men

I have a dream that my students will change the world.

My dream is to make it through school. Live as happily as I can and love with my heart.

To make a change in others life, become someone people can depend on, Finish school and get in a good job.

I want to always be myself and stay true to God. I believe that God is the answer to what we need in life and that without him no one would be here today. -Kiara


To be successful

Because he had a dream my daughter was able to attend the college of her dream- her name is Stephanie

My dream for our world is for the wars to stop. Because more people are not coming home to their families, and won’t get to see their kids or grandkids grow up. They won’t be able to see their...

Is to have every person realize their full potential and apply themselves in a beneficial way to society.

For children of color to be able to look at the whitehouse and see someone like them in the most prestigious office that a person in America can hold. Dream Accomplished!! Now on to the next one. The...

To become the number one lawyer in my law firm by the age of 30/.

My dream for the country is that every child in America goes to a good school.

My Dream is that the Dream lives on and I am proud that my firm JP Morgan is a part of that Dream

I have a dream that the whole world could get along.

My dream is that I am able to help change another person's life for the better. To act selfessly...