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That the society becomes a whole lot better than what it is now through no bulling and harrasment towards others of different ethnicities, races, and religious groups. :)! -Tatiyanna

My dream is to obtain the finances to attend graduate school, and receive a master's degree in clinical laboratory science. SUCCESS!!

to be the best i can be and to reach my full potential in my life time. I have many dreams and goals that I wish to see occur, mostly scientific, before my death...

My dream is put a "Big Truck" (semi tractor/trailer combo) on the road called, The People's Truck. The truck would be equipped with a stage, sound system, and video system...

to see a more tolerant society and to never see a repeat of the World Trade Center disaster that terrible day on 9/11.

I have a dream that all human beings find freedom from suffering, labels and stigma...

I have a dream that everyone will get to go to school and get the education they need. I have a dream that everyone will have a good future. _ chaan ;)

I will make millions oof dollars, and then I will donate 7% of my profits and , I will give and give, and give to poor people without parents, people who are broke, so then I can make the world be a b...

To change the way people hate on other people that are a different color than you

To go college and to be a successful criminal justice lawyer. [Veriencia]

I have a dream that I want to Live to be a 100 year old.

I have a dream that one day I will get to dance at a National Competition ~Cupcake

My dream is for peace for all people, countries, communities, families, group...all kinds of peace...political peace, peace of mind, a peace life...

That someone will find a cure for cancer

I have a dream that all people will be able to go to college and get the best education this State and others have to offer, no matter what race or nationality they are.

Love and respect others

to help people in Africa by giving food, water, and education also, doctors. DNB

is people never lay a hand on other people and never curse

To see the world as an equal playing field. I dream of a world where poverty doesn’t exist, and everyone has an opportunity to suceed. Jovian, Kennesaw State

For more patience, strength, and understanding. For people to find the courage to dream the IMPOSSIBLE.