Major Collections

At the King Library & Archives

Organizational Records

  1. The Papers of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) 1944-1968
  2. The Records of the Coordinating Council of Community Organization 1964-1968
  3. The Records of the Delta Ministry 1963-1971
  4. The Records of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) 1964-1965
  5. The National Lawyers Guild Records (NLG) 1936-1968 *
  6. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference Records (SCLC) 1954-1970
  7. The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Records (SNCC) 1959-1972
  8. The Records of the United States National Students Association Southern Project 1957-1969

* Access may be restricted

Manuscript Collection

  1. The Papers of J.T. Alexander 1891-1960s
  2. The Papers of Randolph Battle 1962-1968
  3. The Julian Bond Papers 1964-1968
  4. The Ben Brown Papers 1952-1970
  5. The Papers of Johnnie Carr 1956-1979
  6. The Septima P. Clark Papers 1963-1967
  7. The Papers of Fred Gray 1956-1964
  8. The Papers of Hazel Gregory 1956-1965
  9. The Papers of Hamilton Holmes 1955-1964
  10. The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. 1929-1968
  11. The Papers of Howard Moore 1964-1968
  12. The Papers of Fred W. Shuttlesworth 1953-1969

Audio-Visual and Oral History Collections

  1. The Civil Rights Film Collection
  2. The Civil Rights Oral History Collection
  3. Conversations from Wingspread Collection
  4. The James Forman Collection
  5. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center Tape Collection
  6. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center Speaks Collection
  7. The Anne Romaine Oral History Collection
  8. The Donald H. Smith Oral History Collection
  9. The Maggie Wanza Collection
  10. The Wesleyan Tapes
  11. The Hosea Williams Collection


The King Library and Archives also offers an internship program for college students. This internship provides an excellent opportunity to learn about Dr. King and The Civil Rights Movement. Participants will also have the opportunity for archival collaboration and discussion.


  1. Assist researchers in using the archival holdings.
  2. Assist with inventorying and organizing of drawings, paintings, artifacts, and other three dimensional memorabilia.
  3. Assist with design and preparation of brochures and informational leaflets.
  4. Assist with special projects, selected activities and provide clerical support.

Type of Venture:  Unpaid Educational Internship (Academic Credit)

Contact: Cynthia P. Lewis

Director of Archives, King Library and Archives
Phone: 404.526.8983 or 404.526.8986
Fax: 404.526.8914


Major(s): All Majors

Hours: 15-20 Per Week