Atlanta . . . The King Center will mark the birthday of Coretta Scott King with a special ‘Interactive Chat,’ live and online, streamed from the Center’s Freedom Hall Auditorium from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon on Monday, April 28th. Participants include Ambassador Andrew Young; King Center Vice Chair/Treasurer Dr. Christine King Farris (Dr. King’s sister); King Center CEO Dr. Bernice A. King; Mrs. Myrlie Evers-Williams; Ms. Sherry Frank, former Executive Director, American Jewish Committee, and many others who knew and loved her. The public is invited, free of charge. Registration is encouraged.

“This is going to be an edifying, educational and inspirational experience for both our live and online audiences,” said Bernice A. King, CEO of The King Center. “This will be the third consecutive year that we have commemorated my mother’s birthday (actually April 27th), and we have invited a collection of individuals whose experiences with my mother speak to the many different aspects of her life, love and leadership.  We are doing this because it is important that the world not forget her priceless contribution to my father’s legacy and our global society.”

Award-winning news anchor Monica Pearson, who knew Mrs. King very well, will serve as moderator for the program. In addition to the participants noted above, other individuals contributing to the program include: Kelisha Graves, author of a forthcoming scholarly biography of Coretta Scott King; Ms. Paulette Lewis, former chief of staff for Mrs. King; Charles Rachal, former member of the “Crips” gang; Ms. Patricia Latimore, former personal assistant to Mrs. King; Ms. Renee McMurry, a cousin of Mrs. King; Ms. Martha Porter Hall, a former assistant to Mrs. King and Mr. Nick Thomas, grandson of Mrs. Fran Thomas, an educator who became an influential friend and supporter of Mrs. King throughout the Civil Rights Movement and during her leadership afterwards.

In addition to the live audience, internet streaming viewers (via will be able to ask some questions of the panelists, as well as students in a classroom in a school (to be determined) via “Google Hangout” remote video hook-up. Individuals, groups and students who want to participate are requested to register at

For more information about participating in the program, please contact Stephanie Thomas, Project Administrator at 404-526-8966, or