1/9/2012 | King Center News

Bernice A. King Appointed New CEO at King Center

The Board of Trustees of The King Center has appointed Bernice A. King as the new chief executive officer

10/25/2011 | King Center in the Press

Imaging Project at King Center will Preserve Papers, Broaden Audience

Scholars as far away as China or Kenya soon will have instant access to an insider's view of the U.S. civil rights movement as seen by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. All they need is the Internet.


Martin Luther King’s Legacy for Today

by Martin Luther King III.

I am humbled, gratified and overjoyed at the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial in commemoration of my father’s leadership. It of course means a lot to our family. But more important, it is a great step forward for America.

9/6/2011 | King Center in the Press

AFL-CIO and King Center Symposium Links Dr. King’s Legacy to Modern Day Struggles

Civil rights activists, elected leaders, academics and youth discuss Dr. King’s vision of a just America and the need for a comprehensive jobs agenda

8/25/2011 | King Center in the Press

King Center Imaging Project Celebrates and Preserves Dr. King’s Legacy

JPMorgan Chase & Co. and The King Center Announce The King Center Imaging Project, an Unprecedented Joint Digitization Initiative

7/26/2011 | King Center in the Press

Martin Luther King, III: “Hope for a Peaceful World”

Beliefnet interviews the son of the famed civil rights leader on the importance of peace education.

4/5/2011 | King Center News

Civil Rights, Labor Leaders Lead ‘We Are One’ Protests

the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of his father, Martin Luther King III helped to lead nation-wide ‘We Are One’ demonstrations against initiatives to eliminate and undermine collective bargaining rights of public workers in Wisconsin and other states.