4/10/2012 | King Center News

King Center, CDC Expand Youth Violence Prevention and Health Disparities Partnership

The King Center and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have expanded their partnership originally entered into in 2008, to prevent youth violence and to address public health  threats that disproportionately impact specific racial and socio-economic groups and communities.

4/5/2012 | King Center News

Former President of Zambia Visits The King Center

The King Center welcomed His Excellency Rupiah Banda to The King Center today.

3/29/2012 | King Center News

Statement on Slaying of Trayvon Martin by King Center CEO Bernice A. King

“In light of the recent tragedy of the slaying death of young Trayvon Martin, it is evident that America and indeed the world need principles of nonviolent conflict reconciliation more than ever”

3/12/2012 | King Center News

King Center Holds Volunteer Appreciation Reception

Thursday, March 8th, 2012. The King Center held a reception on the grounds to thank the many volunteers for their hard work on the 2012 King Holiday Week Events.