Appeal to the President of the United States



This document, prepared for the centennial of the Emancipation Proclamation, serves as a plea to President Kennedy and a legal brief. The plea is to use the centennial as an opportunity to "rededicate" the nation to the principles embedded in the Emancipation Proclamation; to make an executive order to end all statutory segregation and discrimination in the states; and to exercise full leadership protecting civil rights, including the use of force, if nonviolent methods fail. It provides a lengthy survey of case law and statute that show the progress to date in rejecting states' segregation statutes. Other Civil Rights Movement documents, such as the Southern Regional Council report recommendations, are affirmed to support a case for strong Presidential leadership in desegregating housing, transportation, public parks, etc. The appendix argues for federal authority to use physical force to enforce the Civil Rights Act.

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Appeal to the President of the United States
Thursday, May 17, 1962
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[First Page] [Inserted Text in Upper Top right corner: Proclamation of Emancipation (Presented to the Pres[ident] of the U[nited] S[tates] by Dr[Doctor] Martin Luther King) 11 Oct[ober]. [19]62]
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