Transformed Nonconformists Sermon Outline



In this brief outline for a sermon based on Romans 12:2, Dr. King asserts that Christians are citizens of two worlds, those of time and eternity. They are in the world, but not of it. In a generation of the mass mind, they are called to live differently – to make history not be made by history. But nonconformity in itself is not good; there must be a mental transformation. The world is on the brink of moral and physical destruction and the need of the hour is for nonconformists to materialism, nationalism and militarism.

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Transformed Nonconformists Sermon Outline
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I. Every time Christian is a citizen of two worlds: the world of time and the world of the eternity. The Christian finds himself in a very paradoxical situation in that he must live in the world and yet not of the world. In one of the passages just read Christians were referred to as a colony of heaven. This figure of speech should have quite relevant meaning for us in american, since in the early day our forefather were colonies of the british empire. No-one realized this dual existence of the Christian more than the apostle Paul. [Crossed out text:MS:illegible] and he more can declare forcibly. "Be ye not conformed to this" [Crossed out text: world] He said uncertain [MS:illegible] Outline Text Rom 1212 Philippians 3:20 "We are a colony of Heaven" "Transformed Non conformist" I. Introduction 1. Citizen of two worlds. 2. He is a colony No one realized this more than Paul quote text II. The necessity of being a non conformist Christians are called upon to live differently. 1. Yet the whole mood of an age element be out of line with this. a. Social Psychology b. Sociology 2. In spite of this imperative demand to live differently we are producing a generation of the mass mind. Instead of making history we are made by history. We have adapted the attitude everybody is doing it so it must be right. We have become mere [MS:Illegible] III. The necessity of being transformed non conformity in itself might not be good. There's a type of bad non conformity so [Crossed out text: In order to] Paul give in a formula for constructive non conformity. In order to discern the true will of God we must accept a new mental outlook. Be transformed IV. Conclusion- Today we start on the brink of moral and physical distraction. The need of the hour is sincere non conformist. (1) Against materialism (2) " "materialism (3) " " materialism
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