SCLC Meeting Agenda



Dr. King notes agenda items to cover with the SCLC staff, including improving organization within the SCLC, finances and upcoming programs.

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SCLC Meeting Agenda
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[Page 1] 1. Staff need to level off - operation breadbasket 2. Mailing list - still not satisfied 3. VEP [Voter Education Program] - what about Georgia 4. Danville - discuss timetable 5.Mahalia Jackson concert [Page 2] [Underlined: Agenda] 1. The need for this meeting, since we have not met in a long time. 2. The executive staff, and the need to meet regularly to discuss program. 3. I must frankly say that I am very concerned about the lowness of organization in SCLC [ Southern Christian Leadership Conference]. To many things are shabby done in other words, he structure still isn't there. We are so engaged in activity that we fail to pause to get our sense of direction. To many carless administrative mistakes are made. 4. [Crossed out: MS:illegible] The need for coordination. Let me explain the present structure by [Crossed out:MS:illegible] departments. 5. We must work together. 6. The flagrant spending of money. (Say something about the financial report.) People have the impression that we have money. 7. Give example of spending (1) travel (2) telephone (3) Equipment. [Page 3] Things to Do Immediately Wyatt [Tee] Walker 1. Set up conmittee [committee] meeting for Mahalia Jackson concert next Tuesday evening. Have around 50 people. 2. Take an hour next Wednesday to work with me or outlines for Amsterdam News articles. 3. Consult with Mrs. Marion Logan about Christians appeal. Each person on on [sic] mailing list should be contacted. Draft letter immedia[t]ly. Thousands should be raised on the heels of Birmingham. Ed Clayton 1. Immedia[t]ly clear up mailing list Get New York list in line with Atlanta list, and add new people 2. Word letter clearing up financial statement and have mailed through New York office. [Underlined: Vivian] 1. Distribute equality [MS:illegible] through affiliates 2. Meet me next week for an hour on whole affiliate program [Page 4] [Underlined: Abernathy] 1. Sit day next week to meet with accountant and book[k]eeping staff. 2. Immedia[t]ly clear up financial coo[r]dination between New York and Atlanta office. 3. Get budget to accountant
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