Letter from Bible Student to MLK



The bible student who wrote this letter used biblical references to justify segregation and to persuade Dr. King to cease civil rights demonstrations.

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Letter from Bible Student to MLK
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[Stamped in red ink:JUL[y] 14 1966] BIWF Martin Luther King When are you going to wake up to your position in this life. Your people are descended from Ham. Read Genesis Chapter 9. verse 22 to 27. The Anglo Saxon Celtic White Race are the decendants of the 12 tribes of Israel. Mixing with your people is forbidden by God. Read Deu[teronomy] 7 Chapter and 28th Chapter also 2nd Corinthians 6th Chapter 17th verse. It is no good cursing us for God as told us in His word the Bible what to do. Isaiah 54th C[hapter] 17th verse. Read Genesis 12th Chapter 2nd and 3rd verse. Your people will only make it worse for themselves by making trouble and God is laughing at you. Read 2nd Isalm and 59 Isalm 8th verse also Proverbs 1st Chapter 26th verse. God will provide - [Page: 2] your needs if you obey Him. If you don't He will punish you the same as He does us through breaking His Holy laws the second coming of Christ is very new then every thing will be put right. We have a grievance when we [MS: Illegilble] the coloured people taken our houses and the flats what our own people want. Read Lementations Chapter 5, 2nd verse. if you study the Bible you will read many verses in the theme about why we must not mix. The 1st of Kings chapter 8, 53rd verse also Deuteronomy C (chapter) 32, 8th verse. Almighty God to help you to be patient. He will if you are sincere, believe me many injustice are done to us, but making trouble gets us nowhere only make matters worse. We hope and pray the Lord will soon return and put things right so try and be patient don't lead your people into trouble. God Bless you all, A Bilbel Student
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