Letter from Raymond Lavyrick to MLK


Mr. Lavyrick informs Dr. King that he enjoyed his address concerning the Vietnam War. He explains that President Johnson is not concerned about the issues of the war and that he was recently heard misquoting the Bible.

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Letter from Raymond Lavyrick to MLK
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Raymond Lavyrick vac 4100 W Third Dayton Ohio. Sec 1 Mr. King: I sure enjoyed your talk last nite you told the truth about that dirty war. Hope you keep the good work going. L.B.J 1964 did not think about the war why he changed I don't (sp dont) know. His buddy was over there over 1 1/2 years ago came back said we are winning the war and [crossed out: and] he was in St. Paul quoted the Bible. but he left out words which says love your enemies boy its hell over there is'nt it. thanks, and good luck Raymond Lavyrick a disgusted Demor.
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