Letter from Peter A. Minthom to Ralph D. Abernathy


Peter Minthom, an American Indian from Oregon, requests assistance in traveling to Washington D.C. for the Poor People’s March.

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Letter from Peter A. Minthom to Ralph D. Abernathy
Monday, April 29, 1968
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[Stamped in blue ink: MAY 1 1968] P.O. Box 956 Pendleton,Ore[gon] April 29, 1968 Rev[erend] Ralph D[avid] Abernathy Southern Christian Leadership Conference Atlanta, Georgia Dear Rev[erend] Abernathy: I am interested in the proposed Poor People's March on Washington. I have much respect and admiration for the concern that you show for the plight of the poor. I am an American Indian and come from a reservation that is terribly poverty stricken. It is a very frustrating existence to live with. Therefore I would like to ask you if there is any way that your organization could help me to get to Washington, D[istrict] C[olumbia] to demonstrate along with the many others who believe that the poor people deserve a chance to improve their lives. Sincerely Yours, Peter O. [Miuthonm?]
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